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BP, feds offer dueling Gulf spill estimates

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  • BP, feds offer dueling Gulf spill estimates

    BP, feds offer dueling Gulf spill estimates

    Associated Press
    Posted on September 6, 2013 at 9:45 AM
    In a court filing Thursday, BP urges U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier to use an estimate of 2.45 million barrels, or nearly 103 million gallons, in determining how much oil spilled into the Gulf and calculating any Clean Water Act fines.

    Justice Department experts estimate that around 4.2 million barrels, or approximately 176 million gallons, spilled into the water.


    BP cuts estimate of oil spilled in Gulf ahead of court battle

    BP has cut more than 600,000 barrels from its estimate of oil spilled during the Gulf of Mexico disaster, ahead of a court battle over
    multi-billion dollar fines for the leak.

    By Emily Gosden
    6:26PM BST 06 Sep 2013

    The oil major is preparing to return to court in New Orleans later this month for the second phase of the trial into civil penalties for the disaster, which killed 11 men and caused the worst offshore spill in US history.

    The volume spilled will be crucial in determining the fines BP faces under the Clean Water Act, where penalties could range from $1,100 per barrel, to $4,300 per barrel in the case of gross negligence, a charge BP denies.

    US authorities are pushing for the maximum penalties based on an estimate that 4.2m barrels leaked - implying total penalties of $18bn.

    But BP said on Friday it believed, ?based on work performed by one of the world?s foremost reservoir engineers, that approximately 2.45m barrels of oil were spilled into the Gulf of Mexico?. This implies fines of $2.7bn, at $1,100 per barrel.

    BP had said in February when the trial began that ?a figure of 3.1m barrels should be the uppermost limit of the number of barrels spilled that should be used in calculating a Clean Water Act penalty?.
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