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NZ - Bromley Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant

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  • NZ - Bromley Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Wastewater status updates - 13 June 2011
    Update - 16 June 2011

    Q. What is the status with the Bromley plant?

    A. The Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant is operational. Ocean outfall is currently working on emergency generators and we are working with Orion to get mains back on to this today. The treatment process is functional but we received more damage to tanks. These are being repaired and the plant is coping with the flow and loads reaching the site.

    There is limited additional damage to wastewater pipes in the eastern suburbs but many of the wastewater lines that were cleared of sand and silt from Feb 22 are likely to have refilled. We will have a better picture of this situation by end of today (Thursday)

    Repair teams are working to fix two additional wastewater pump stations in the eastern suburbs.

    We ask anyone who has a chemical toilet to please use it and if you have a port-a-loo close to you please use it also.

    Q. How people not affected can support those who are affected?


    * Do not water your garden
    * Use a bucket to wash your car
    * Flush the toilet sparingly ? mellow yellow policy
    * Have quick showers, not baths
    * Only use the washing machine for full loads
    * Don?t leave taps running
    * Don?t use your kitchen waste disposal unit ? put it in your green bin