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NZ - 5.5 Sixth largest shake

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  • NZ - 5.5 Sixth largest shake

    Cantabrians have been shaken by a magnitude 5.5 aftershock this morning, forcing some stores near the epicentre to close.

    The quake struck near Rolleston at 9.09am, at a depth of 15 kilometres.

    The Quake Crowe website reported the shake was the sixth largest since September 4's magnitude 7.1 earthquake. ....

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    Re: NZ - 5.5 Sixth largest shake


    A Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) spokesman said indicator buildings in Christchurch's red zone experienced a "small amount of movement".

    The eight indicator buildings, of differing construction types, are located throughout the CBD. Any faults in the buildings are monitored for changes after each significant aftershock.

    The spokesman said today's aftershock had not caused "any great concerns" and CERA had not restricted access to the red zone.

    "There's no immediate danger, but we are keeping an eye on it," he said. ..


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      Re: NZ - 5.5 Sixth largest shake

      The Earthquake Commission (EQC) is classifying today's magnitude-5.5 aftershock as a new event for insurance purposes.

      People who have new or worsened damage as a result of the quake will need to lodge a new claim with the EQC by September 6.


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        Re: NZ - 5.5 Sixth largest shake

        Monday's magnitude-5.5 aftershock was significantly shallower than scientists initially thought.

        The 9.09am quake, the sixth largest since September 4, was centred just east of Rolleston on the tip of the Greendale Fault.

        Initial scientific analysis pinpointed its focus as 15 kilometres deep, which seismologists said explained why it was not felt more strongly around Christchurch.