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NZ - Trauma team to help shaken Cantabrians

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  • NZ - Trauma team to help shaken Cantabrians

    .... Nightingale said about 10 per cent of people who suffered direct trauma were expected to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and would be treated within the anxiety unit or by the quake team.

    "We are preparing for them [people with PTSD], but we really don't know how many we are going to get," Nightingale said. "If we actively help with the anxiety and depression, that number will be smaller."

    Specialist mental health services would start to see more people from now on, she said.

    Some mental health patients who had been stable had a relapse triggered by the February quake.

    Nightingale said it would take about two years before demand for mental health services would be back to pre-quake levels.

    "Earthquakes are different from other disasters because they keep happening and you get aftershocks, which makes things more difficult for people, but it has been extremely impressive how resilient people have appeared to be." ...........