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Climate change - we may have already conceded the fight

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  • Climate change - we may have already conceded the fight

    Gateway to Hell
    CoP 18 at Doha claimed progress by paving the way for future talks, but really showed how we may have already conceded the fight

    Jay Mazoomdaar More by the author >
    December 13, 2012, Issue 51 Volume 9

    EXPECTATIONS WERE low at Doha. But the 18th conference of parties (Cop 18) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change surprised even the cynics by legitimising a couldn’t-care-less doctrine. The bright side, if any, is that the masks have finally come off and much of the developed world stands exposed.

    If a confirmation of the long-standing commitment of the rich countries to contribute $100 billion annually by 2020 to help the poorer nations cut emissions was overdue, Doha put it on hold for another year. It also slashed by half the promised $60 billion of fast-start finance for three years from 2013 to ’15. It is another matter that the developed nations have not made even the annual contribution of $10 billion assured since 2010.

    America’s continued refusal to own up responsibility or open its purse is perhaps justified after Barack Obama gained rich electoral dividend from hurricane Sandy, which many experts believe was a manifestation of rogue climate. But only if we ignore the fact that the storm cost the US economy $50-60 billion and that such natural disasters will get more frequent.
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