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FL: Rare whale washes ashore in Palm Beach

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  • FL: Rare whale washes ashore in Palm Beach
    Rare whale washes ashore in Palm Beach

    Carcass sent to NOAA lab in Miami

    Alanna Quillen 10:48 AM, Jun 5, 2017
    5:24 AM, Jun 6, 2017

    PALM BEACH, Fla. - Not your typical sight in Palm Beach.
    A rare, pygmy sperm whale washed ashore on the north part of the island on Monday morning. Volunteers fought through the rough weather to get the body off the beach and into a research lab.
    Pygmy sperm whales, which are part of the tooth whale family, typically stay in deeper waters. They swim thousands of feet below the surface for food.
    The whale is rarely seen alive in the wild and not much is known about the species, so it's even unknown how many exist in the ocean. The only way researchers have been able to learn anything about the whale is after it is has died and washed up on land...
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