July 26, 2022


TOKYO (Kyodo) -- An evacuation order imposed on part of a town hosting the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011 due to high radiation levels will be lifted on Aug. 30, the government said Tuesday.

Residents of Futaba can now permanently return, for the first time since the March 2011 nuclear disaster, to that area, which was designated as a special base for reconstruction and revitalization under a "difficult-to-return" zone.

This makes part of Futaba the third area to see its evacuation order lifted among those classified as reconstruction and revitalization bases in six municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan.

... Along with other areas of Futaba which saw evacuation orders lifted in March 2020, around 15 percent of the town will now be able to have residents.

But that still leaves 85 percent of the town under the "difficult-to-return" zone with high levels of radiation. ...