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Bangladesh: Unusual heatwave continues hampering normal life in northern region

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  • Bangladesh: Unusual heatwave continues hampering normal life in northern region

    Unusual heatwave continues hampering normal life in northern region

    RANGPUR, Bangladesh, April 8 (BSS)-An unusual heatwave sweeping the
    northern region of the country for last one-week continue to affect normal life causing immense sufferings to people.

    Experts and environmentalists said the unusual behavior of the nature is the results of the adverse impacts of the ongoing climate changes due to indiscriminate emissions of green house gases (GHGs) causing rise in temperatures and melting ice.

    The climatic situation might be unpredictable in the coming years following the rapid changes in the climate as the richer and industrialized nations are yet to take adequate preventive measures so far to contain emission of the GHGs to save the planet, they said.

    According to reports reaching here from different areas of the northern region, most people have been remaining in their houses, and farm and other normal activities being affected due to the weeping heatwave. Many of the day- and farm labourers are being forced to leave their work and take shelters under the trees and shadows, especially from the noon.

    The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) officials said the situation is favorable for the Boro farming despite the heatwave and a drought-like situation and production of the major crop will not be affected and the irrigation is smooth.

    "It would be excellent if there were some rainfalls now at the peak hour for irrigating the Boro fields and most of the Boro fields are in the booting stages and the early varieties and in full bloom and flowerings," they added.

    At the same time, many people of all ages, including
    children, are being attacked with various heatwave related
    diseases, including viral fever and diarrhea, the hospital
    sources and physicians said.

    They suggested the elderly people and babies to remain inside
    their homes during the noon till the afternoon when the burning
    heatwave amid sunny air prevails.

    In recent days, only a few people are being seen in the
    roads, streets, bazaars and public places from the noon everyday
    due to the scorching heat as the highest temperatures are
    fluctuating between 36 and 40 degrees Celsius at places.

    Farmer Solaiman Ali of Rangpur, Mohubur Rahman of Bogra,
    Monirul Islam of Joypurhat, trader Mushfiqur Rahman in Dinajpur
    and journalist Nurul Amin of Kurigram told BSS that all sorts of
    normal activities were seriously hampered in the recent days.

    Teacher Aminul Islam of Kurigram, Shahidul Islam of
    Panchagarh, rickshaw pullers Jahangir Alam and Abdus Salam of
    Rangpur, and farmers Paltu Chowdhury and Salim Uddin of Kurigram
    said the heatwave was abnormal this year.

    Local Met Office sources said the situation might be improved
    after seasonal showers in the near future.

    Agri-scientist DR MA Mazid and environmentalist MG Neogi of
    RDRS told BSS that all the odd things in the nature are the
    results of the adverse impacts of the ongoing climate changes at
    alarming rates with possibilities of further deterioration in

    "There is no alternative to taking adequate steps by the
    responsible nations and adequately compensate the climate victim
    countries to launch coordinated efforts for containing the
    deteriorating climatic situations around the globe," they said
    "The only security we have is our ability to adapt."