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Black sea: dolphin deaths

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  • Black sea: dolphin deaths


    Google translation:

    Dolphins die
    Ukraine Monday, 31 August 2009
    Dolphins die Scientists are sounding the alarm: in the Black Sea killing dolphins! Experts say the blame for the terrible virus. Salvation from him yet invented. This year, the bank jumped 23 dolphin. 13 of them - in July.

    Similar cases were recorded and the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Dolphins lose their orientation and coordination of movements, showered on its side and dumped on dry land.

    ?It seems that this morbillivirusnaya infection. To dolphins, it is in mortal danger. The main manifestations of the disease - encephalitis, pneumonia and secondary immunodeficiency. Cases of transmission of this terrible disease to people not yet known. Since animals are specialists, and no one caught ?, - told? BLIC ?Chairman of the Board of the Black Sea Marine Mammal Alex Birkun.

    First outbreak of the disease was registered in the Black Sea in 1994. Then it confirmed in laboratories in Canada and Germany. ?Three years ago a wave of disease re-started in the Mediterranean Sea. It seems that now she has reached the Black Sea ?, - said Birkun.

    Unfortunately, to help these beautiful animals, no one can. ?The disease was registered only twenty years ago. Methods of treatment have not been developed by scientists ?, - the specialist said. All that can be done by rescuers - to stab a dolphin with vitamins, antibiotics, sedatives. But these methods only for the time alleviate the suffering and will delay their demise.

    One of the causes of this dreadful disease - ecological condition of the Black Sea. ?Outbreaks occur during the hot summer. Development of the disease contributes to the accumulation in the body of toxic substances that weaken the immune system of the animal. Moreover, these substances are transferred and the baby with mother's milk ?, - said Birkun.

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    Re: Black sea: dolphin deaths

    #1: "Development of the disease contributes to the accumulation in the body of toxic substances that weaken the immune system of the animal."

    That could be switched in:
    the accumulation of toxic substances in the body weaken the immune system of the animal, which contributes to disease development.

    As it is already founded to be the case:

    Page 25
    Biomagnifi cation of other chlorinated hydrocarbons
    has also aff ected other species. Polychlorinated biphenyls
    (PCBs), fluids once widely used to cool and insulate electrical
    devices and to strengthen wood or concrete, may be
    responsible for the behavior changes and declining fertility
    of some populations of seals and sea lions on islands off the
    California coast. PCBs have also been implicated in a
    deadly viral epidemic among dolphins in the western
    Ingestion of the chemical may have severely
    weakened the dolphins? immune system and made it
    impossible for them to fi ght the infection?up to 10,000
    dolphins died during the summer of 1990.
    Even more
    alarming to biologists is the recent discovery that the
    nearshore dolphins off U.S. coasts are intensely contaminated.
    Th e concentration of chlorinated hydrocarbons in
    these animals exceeds 6,900 parts per million (ppm)?
    concentrations high enough to disrupt the dolphins? immune
    systems, hormone production, reproductive success,
    neural function, and ability to stave off cancers.5 Th ese
    levels vastly exceed the 50 ppm limit the U.S. government
    considers hazardous for animals, and the 5 ppm considered
    the maximum acceptable level for humans! Even
    sperm whales?animals that rarely frequent coastal waters?
    are contaminated.
    Investigations continue, as do
    probes into the effects of dioxin and other synthetic organic
    poisons accumulating in the oceanic sink.