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El Salvador-Significant increase in cases of diarrhea

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  • El Salvador-Significant increase in cases of diarrhea

    Spanish to Eng. Translation

    Significant increase in cases of diarrhea
    Epidemiological Surveillance System recorded an increase of cases of diarrhea compared to 2010. The call for increased prevention to prevent cholera.

    Posted by Loida Avelar Martinez
    Tuesday, January 11, 2011 00:00


    In the first eight days of January 2011 the country reported 610 more cases of diarrhea that last year (in the same period of time), as detailed epidemiological report from the Ministry of Public Health.

    To date, 3.052 people have visited a public health facility after suffering from gastroenteritis and diarrhea.

    On average, 400 people consulted daily for this cause.

    While in the first eight days of 2010, a total of 2.442 patients requested health services referred to present conditions.

    Attention should be paid to increasing cases, because January is the month when circulation increases rotavirus, said Julio Armero, Head of the Health Surveillance, Ministry of Health.

    Rotavirus is the main manifestation of diarrhea and vomiting. Show, in most cases in less than five years.

    Yesterday, three children hospitalized for diarrhea woke up in the Benjamin Bloom Children's Hospital.

    One of the reported minor complications, so it is receiving medical care in the Intensive Care Unit.

    For its part, a total of nine infants who were consulted for diarrhea during the weekend, explained the shift manager.

    In Bloom already reported the first positive case of rotavirus, the patient is stable and without complications, said Armero.

    Last year, 66 children died of rotavirus in the country. Compared to 2009, five deaths were reported less.

    In total, 2.275 Health screening conducted to rotavirus. Of these, 547 were positive. In 2009, the number of cases was 343.

    Armero argues that there was a greater increase in screening. A more searching, more identification of cases, emphasized the chief warden.

    Early identification of cases of diarrhea is multiplied because the country also meets the conditions for triggering a cholera epidemic.

    For now, the country reported no cases of cholera.

    In December last year, Health as coordinator wrote the anger management plan in conjunction with the entities that make up the National Health System (SISalud). The primary objective is to prevent the disease from spreading in the country and wreak havoc, as occurred in the Dominican Republic, where the number of people affected is 154, according to the Ministry of Health of that country.

    In El Salvador , we propose to implement the filter system that was occupied during the epidemic of influenza A (H1N1).

    The identification of cases arises done from home or, in extreme cases, school.
    It aims to promote preventive measures in the classroom. The constant hand washing, drinking boiled or purified water and eat hot (avoid dubious provenance) are the recommendations made to prevent cases.

    For its part, respiratory infections also reflect an increase of 2.314 cases more than 2010.

    During January, 27.912 people have been in consultation about it.

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    Re: El Salvador-Significant increase in cases of diarrhea
    Spanish to English translation

    Diarrhea continue to rise nationwide

    Tuesday March 1, 2011 22:55

    Since January, the cases of gastrointestinal illness have increased the number of patients in various hospitals and health units of the Public Health System.

    Hernández Maybel
    El Mundo
    According to the latest report by the Health Ministry, Health Ministry, through Monday, February 28, are recorded 2.556 cases of diarrhea at the national level compared to the same period last year. To date we have registered cases against 31.027 33.583 last year.

    Health officials, say the situation is under control but just as one of the most important things are to practice preventive hygiene measures to avoid contracting a disease.

    Reiterate that washing hands before and after and go to the bathroom as well as lunchtime are most important to prevent this disease as well as others such as influenza A H1N1, diarrhea and cholera. Just as it is also important to boil the water intake, disinfect fruits and vegetables before cooking or eating. And eat well cooked and hot.


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      Re: El Salvador-Significant increase in cases of diarrhea
      Spanish to English translation

      Country has five deaths from diarrhea
      "In January, reported two cases and the rest were recorded in February

      Although deaths from diarrhea have decreased, care cases have risen by 6%, according to health authorities.
      PHOTO / EDH

      Friday, March 4, 2011
      In the first eight weeks of the year there have been five deaths from diarrhea, 8 fewer deaths than in 2010, when there were 13 cases, as confirmed this morning the Deputy Minister of Health, Violeta Menjivar.

      The first two cases were recorded in January and the other three cases were added in February, four young victims and an adult, according to reports from the authorities.

      In others, noted that while the deaths have declined, cases of diarrhea care has increased slightly by 6% this year.

      Other attentions have also increased the cases of pneumonia, they have increased by 9%, as confirmed Menjivar.

      Another concern of health authorities is the index of larval growth in San Salvador, which registered an increase of 27%, according to Health should be at least 4%.

      However, dengue cases have decreased over the same period in 2010 the authorities had registered 1746 cases in 2011 and have served only 247.

      The rotavirus statistics have also decreased from 77 cases recorded last year, in 2011 30 cases have been confirmed.

      The same trend has had cases of acute respiratory problems, of 387 thousand 399 in 2010 have decreased to 360 thousand 322 this year, down 7%.