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how/why/when did that coronary heart disease epidemic start

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  • how/why/when did that coronary heart disease epidemic start

    originally "angina pectoris" was rare in the 19th century and before , started increasing in USA ~1920
    and in Britain ~1926, although they had some smaller increase in ~1910.
    Later in Quebec than Ontario, Australia, Finland , Europe , , now declining in NA,EU,
    Remarkable decline in USA 1974-1976.
    It's still high in Eastern Europe, where it started later

    The usually given reasons and risk factors do not explain this.
    I think this is still unresolved !

    "Western Lifestyle" correlates somehow.
    Recently (~2015) TMAO , a product of some gut bacteria has been linked to CHD,
    but there is no historical data about TMAO or gut bacteria strain prevalence.

    It's remarcable that mid-age males are much more affected than mid-age females
    so you can just check the male/female 50-60y death ratios, from all causes
    which are available for many countries at UNO or HMD or cause-specific deaths
    by age from WHO still for a lot of countries sice 1950
    I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
    my current links: ILI-charts: