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Hong Kong - Doctor training suspended so doctors can spend time on wards in flu surge - July 26, 2017

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  • Hong Kong - Doctor training suspended so doctors can spend time on wards in flu surge - July 26, 2017

    Flu peak treatment of emergency surge doctors stop training

    08:00 2017/07/26

    In the past week, the number of emergency attendance in public hospitals in the public hospital has risen, and there are emergency hospitals to suspend specialist training for several consecutive weeks. In the past, Stop trial specialist test.
    Serious cases of children increased yesterday, one person, while the hospital ward flu outbreak, the elderly outbreak of influenza outbreaks did not slow down. There are patient organizations who believe that the authorities have not stopped the number of admissions in the upper reaches of the epidemic.
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    According to the statistics of the Hospital Authority, the number of attendants in the A & amp; E departments of the school was increased from 4,906 recorded on Tuesday (18) and continued to rise to 5,846 (see table) of the day before, and the overall utilization rate of the day 110%, the most overwhelming Welsh Hospital, the use rate of 130%; followed by the Pok Oi Hospital, medical ward use rate of 122%.
    Although the average number of visits per week in the A & amp; E departments was less than the average of 2,500 per month at the beginning of the month, the number of patients in the Hong Kong Emergency Medical College, Ho Ho Fai, continued for two or two weeks.
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    He said that this summer, the influenza epidemic was more severe than the winter, and there were 4,5 emergency hospitals in the hospital emergency specialist training center to reflect the need to suspend the training, there are individual centers need to be suspended for several weeks.
    "In the past, the winter flu was occasionally heard to be suspended (training), but the frequency was the first time." He also said that there is a self-examination of the junior exam last month, the training of doctors, the department head to the current busy grounds, "advice" to the end of the end of the examination, described the situation did not happen in the past.
    Fluffia did not show any cooling. The CHP data show that 10 new cases of influenza were added on the day before yesterday, and five people were killed. The total number of cases of 346 cases of influenza was received. A total of 12 cases of influenza outbreaks in RCHEs were received on Sunday and the day before, while 30 cases of influenza outbreaks were reported in the past two weeks.
    The center also received a 2-year-old healthy boy who was infected with H3 pandemic with severe pneumonia. The child had no flu vaccine. During the incubation period, he had been with her family to Singapore. Department of Pediatrics in Tuen Mun Hospital. The Center has received 18 cases of serious cases of child flu since May, of which 3 children have died.
    In addition, following the outbreak of influenza in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Caritas Medical Center, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wong Tai Sin Hospital also explodes influenza, involving five male patients and one staff member of the rehabilitation hospital, which has symptoms of fever and respiratory tract infection , Are positive for influenza A virus. One of the patients died of their own illness, the remaining patients are now admitted to medical treatment, the situation is stable; and the staff is now on leave.
    Peng Hongchang, director of the Association of Community Organizations, said that the authorities had earlier raised their influenza measures and did arrange for the elderly patients to discharge arrangements with their homes. But there was no mention of any measures to prevent and control the elderly before they were admitted to hospital. In his view, if the ward is the source of admission, it is necessary to strengthen the epidemic prevention in the homes. However, if the authorities do not have any measures to prevent and control in the upper reaches, it is recommended that the recommendations should be made with reference to the recommendations of the medical professors. Minfu for prevention.

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