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China - Chengdu pediatric outpatient clinic is seeing 80% respiratory disease - Sichuan province

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  • China - Chengdu pediatric outpatient clinic is seeing 80% respiratory disease - Sichuan province

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    Children's Hospital "full" 80% of respiratory disease


      From December 3, the average temperature in Chengdu is below 10 ℃, seeing soon the winter, cold weather under a lot of children are sick.   Women and Children's Hospital Center in Chengdu, only October outpatients has increased by 16,000 outpatient visits than the average month from January to September of the same year. Doctors advise as seasonal changes, temperature difference, children are more susceptible to respiratory diseases and viral enteritis, parents need to focus on changes in the weather, change of clothing appropriate to the child, while paying attention to diet clean.   Data /   children growing 30% to 80% are respiratory diseases   , according to statistics, this year in October, the Department of Chengdu Women and Children's Hospital outpatient centers increased by 16,000 outpatient visits than the average month from January to September, the Tai Shing Road Division The average monthly increase of 300 outpatient visits.   "November most of the day out-patient admissions of more than 2,000 people." Women and Children Center in Chengdu, deputy director of the hospital emergency department physician Chenling Mei told reporters recently the central headquarters of emergency admissions daily amounts are about 350-450 people, plus 2 an evening clinic, more than 500 people a day come for treatment, while in peacetime, patient emergency department admissions of more than 300 people every day, "an increase of nearly 30 percent." In children, 80% of respiratory diseases, some of which Children accompanied by intestinal diseases.   Reminder /   Child dressing attention "three warm"   back warm, warm belly, feet warm   "season change is likely to cause respiratory and intestinal diseases of children." Chenling Mei said, autumn and winter temperatures reduced the temperature difference between day and night, children's resistance is low So every year around October to next Spring Festival, is the children's respiratory, intestinal disease high time, the most common is pneumonia, fever, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis and other diseases. During this period, parents with particular attention to children's health.   Instead thick clothes to cover their colds   although cooler weather, but parents are not blind to the children plus clothes, cover too thick but easy to catch a cold. For children to wear clothes when you can follow the "three warm" rule, to ensure back warm, warm belly, feet warm.   Due to the large temperature difference, the child sooner or later should be more than a piece of clothing during the day. For easy sweating children, when they play to his replacement in a timely manner then a towel or mat to play after clothes, avoid the wind cold sweat, cause colds.   It is worth noting that parents need to keep the child's head cooling, because the head is too warm will make children dizziness, upset.   Eat a balanced diet to eat more vegetables   in autumn and winter, dry climate, parents should pay attention to a balanced diet, let the children eat more vegetables, fruit and light food, while the incidence of viral enteritis is easy for children Recently, in the diet need to pay attention to clean , washing hands before meals is essential. WCC reporter Zhou Yi Lu A photography