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1-fold increase in patients with pneumonia
At 6:03 on November 11, 2014
Source: Guangzhou Daily

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Original title: 1-fold increase in patients with pneumonia

Seasons was significantly increased in patients with respiratory tract infections

(Reporter He Fengling correspondent Qiao Jianping, Yang Junli) Tomorrow is the sixth "World Pneumonia Day", this year's theme is "universal pneumonia prevention and care." Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Pok Oi Hospital, the nearest is in the fall and winter seasons alternate, temperatures plunged, some time ago the hospital pediatric respiratory patients increased significantly compared with the daily average of 1300 to 1400 cases of the clinic, 70% of the patients were upper respiratory tract infection, respiratory tract Two patients have become infected patients with pneumonia. City Pok Oi Hospital pediatric chief physician Wang Guilan said that parents need to be vigilant, when the child has shortness of breath, frequent coughing, fever more than 3 consecutive days above 39 degrees Celsius to reclaim the spirit of good color and other symptoms, there may be pneumonia, should as soon as possible to the hospital.

Pneumonia Patients

Average daily admissions nearly 200 cases

Who lives in the ascent of the powerful (a pseudonym) is currently only 7 months old, but already two months of intermittent cough and wheezing symptoms. Recently, strong parents to the city with strong fraternity hospital, after inspection, the powerful was diagnosed with moderate pneumonia, is still hospitalized.

Wang Guilan told reporters, typical cases belong strong pediatric patients with pneumonia, the common type of pneumonia in patients 7 to 10 days can be discharged, but similar to the strong moderate or severe disease such as pneumonia, take a bit longer, some even take several months.

According to World Health Organization statistics, acute lower respiratory infections are the leading cause of death in children under five years of age, of which pneumonia dominant. Wang Guilan, said all outpatient pediatric hospital, about 70% of the patients were upper respiratory tract infection, of which there are 20% of the patients were patients with pneumonia.

"Pneumonia has obvious seasonal, autumn and winter and spring season in general patients will increase." Wang Guilan told reporters recently is in the fall and winter seasons, when coupled with the sudden drop in temperature, respiratory infections were significantly increased in patients with pneumonia also has nearly doubled, average daily admissions nearly 200 cases.