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Beijing haze days caused sustained overflowing hospital emergency source Respiratory No. tight
Published: 2014年02月24日04:23 | enter revival Forum | Source: Beijing Youth Daily |

Original title: Emergency source of continuing tight overflowing Respiratory No.
  WASHINGTON (Reporter Zhao Xinpei) haze days what impact to the residents' health? Yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited the survey found that several major hospitals in the capital, emergency infusion room, emergency room overflowing, respiratory signal source tight. But experts said the haze caused by the disease is still lurking brewing, patient visits will occur at the peak or the week after.

  Although weekends noon, but the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital emergency room remained overcrowded transfusion, infusion chairs hundred percent attendance, the infusion room boom everywhere. But, despite this, or take less than an avalanche of patients. Infusion room, no room, family members of patients who have simply supported camp bed in the corridor outside. So dozen "temporary beds" lined up along the wall in the corridor of emergency a wandering child, sickly emaciated patients were lying on top of the infusion.

  In the outdoor rescue also repeating the same scene: hospital corridor outside wall to rescue a temporary cut into the treatment area, and put rescue bed, ECG equipment, etc., five critically ill patients being treated. It has been observed, infusion, rescue these mostly elderly patients to sudden cardiovascular disease, the majority of patients with pneumonia.