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Hong Kong: Suspected Human Cases of Bird Flu

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  • Hong Kong: Suspected Human Cases of Bird Flu

    Hong Kong: Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital announces the update (2/7/2009) [CHP]

    The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

    Subsequent to earlier announcement that a 57-year old female patient was admitted into the hospital on February 6, 2009 due to fever, the spokesperson of the Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital announces the following update today (February 7):

    The H5 rapid test of the patient was found negative.

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    Re: Hong Kong: Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital patient preliminary H5 rapid test results negative (2/7/2009) [CHP]

    Hong Kong: Prince of Wales Hospital announces the update (2/7/2009)

    The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

    The spokesperson of Prince of Wales Hospital made the following announcement today (February 7):

    A 46-year old female patient who presented with fever symptom was admitted to the hospital through Accident & Emergency Department this morning (February 7).

    She is now under observation in the isolation ward and is in stable condition.

    H5 rapid test of the patient is found to be negative.

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      Re: Hong Kong: Suspected Human Cases of Bird Flu

      08/02/2009, on Sunday in the afternoon 09:34

      Caption: Once returned to the port after inland slaughtering live chicken's woman continues to have a fever, passes along the prestige courtyard inspection.

      The woman returns to the port to have a fever false alarm

      The bird flu kills to buries the body, resident also Cheng Jinggong the bird. Had after the day before yesterday has a fever the symptom woman to worry the infection bird flu needed to send to hospital, yesterday again had one once returned to the port after inland slaughtering live chicken's woman to continue to have a fever, suspected that oneself infected the bird flu to arrive at the Ma'anshan health center to treat voluntarily, and passed along the Shatin Wells Hospital to isolate the observation, delivered Dabu with the day before yesterday that dozen of element hospital female to be the same finally, confirmed that the false alarm, two person of yesterday confirmed assumed the negative reaction to the bird flu fast test.

      Once boiled in inland eats the live chicken
      Yesterday morning approximately 10:00, treat 46 year-old women to the Ma'anshan health center, and to doctor disclosed the other day returned to inland period once slaughtered, cooks and the edible live chicken, after returning to the port, namely continued to have a fever, because its symptom was similar with the bird flu, the medical care personnel arranged the woman to have a fever immediately the area to isolate, summoned the ambulance to escort to again her the Wells Hospital to examine.
      Three ambulance rescue patrols arrive at when the health center puts on outfits and so on mouthpiece, glove and protection gown, the female person concerned delivers to the prestige courtyard acute disease room after the preliminary review namely is escorted to the isolation ward to stay in hospital, when in hospital the situation is stable.
      Is affected the event, the Ma'anshan health center partial places yesterday once sealed up let the sanitation worker carry on the thorough disinfection, but non-influence outpatient service operation, but because the day before yesterday had a fever 57 year old of female patient who escorted to the Dabu that dozen of element hospital isolation, yesterday confirmed that assumed the negative reaction to the bird flu fast test.


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        Re: Hong Kong: Suspected Human Cases of Bird Flu

        Contact with poultry in the Mainland and twowomen burst of bird flu alarm
        廣 告

        o in Hong Kong bird flu】 warning signal light of long-term, "red light", also sounded the Hong Kong people's awareness of the virus.
        昨日一名46歲女子因發燒感冒到馬鞍山一所私人診所求診,醫生得悉病人曾在內地雞及吃雞,即護士召喚救 護車。
        Yesterday a 46-year-old woman with fever to a cold one in Ma On Shan private clinics, doctors noted that patients in the Mainland, dressed chicken and chicken, that is, nurses  ambulance.
        救護人員穿著全套保護衣物到場把她送院,其間更做足防護措施,又用白布把救護車的駕駛室及車尾通道分隔,以 防病毒感染他人。
        Ambulance crew arrived at the scene wearing a full set of protective clothing her in hospital, during which more take protective measures, but also with white cloth to the ambulance and the driver's cab separated from the rear channels to prevent HIV infection to others.

        The woman was rushed to Prince of Wales Hospital, Accident and Emergency Department, after a quick test for avian flu was confirmed negative.
        Arrangements for hospital patients isolated for observation, the current situation  stability.
        另外,前日一名57歲女子從內地返港,報稱曾接觸已死家禽後感不適,在大埔雅麗氏何妙齡那打素 醫院留醫。
        In addition, the day before yesterday, a 57-year-old woman returned to Hong Kong from the Mainland, reported to have had contact with dead poultry, after feeling unwell, in Tai Po Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital for treatment.
        The hospital for her quick test for bird flu, the results were negative, confirming she is only suffering from ordinary seasonal flu, the situation  stability.

        7 yesterday confirmed birds infected virus

        食物及衛生局長周一嶽昨日表示,市民及醫護人員對禽流感的警覺已經提高,如市民有接觸家禽的歷史,又出現流 感的病徵,醫生會更小心地把他們隔離檢查。
        Secretary for Food and Health York Chow said yesterday, the public and health care workers on avian flu alert has been raised, such as the public has the history of contact with poultry, but also experience flu symptoms, doctors will be more careful to check their isolation. He called on the public exposure of the poultry of unknown origin, such as feeling unwell, should seek treatment as soon as possible to determine whether bird flu. Dr Chow pointed out that the current bird enhance the risk of avian influenza, the Government will work farm biosecurity, and to step up efforts to combat illicit channels of live poultry to Hong Kong.
        Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department yesterday confirmed that seven birds were found to have avian influenza viruses, including Lantau Island, seized the duck carcasses seized in the Mai Po Nature Reserve of the Heron, in the Castle Peak Road, Ting Kau Section Haitao Garden seized near the peregrine falcon, as well as the Butterfly Beach in Tuen Mun seized one of the chicken carcasses.
        截至昨日,當局共在本港檢獲共30隻禽鳥屍體,當中共11隻禽屍對H5禽流感化驗結果呈陽性反 應。
        As of yesterday, the authorities seized in Hong Kong a total of 30 bodies of birds, when the Chinese Communists on the 11 bird carcasses H5 avian influenza test results were positive.
        In addition, authorities in Hong Kong yesterday to inspect the 82 villages, did not find some free-range poultry.


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          Re: Hong Kong: Suspected Human Cases of Bird Flu

          <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=180 bgColor=#f0f0f0><TBODY><TR><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD>A woman suspected to have contracted bird flu, was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital for medical examinations, during which the white cloth used to cover the whole body, and staff also wear gowns</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>