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HK: Food and Department of Health Bureau Secretary to talk about Alzheimer's disease, dengue fever, pan-resistant NDM-1 enterobacteriaceae, avian flu and the Sheung Shui parallel passenger

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  • HK: Food and Department of Health Bureau Secretary to talk about Alzheimer's disease, dengue fever, pan-resistant NDM-1 enterobacteriaceae, avian flu and the Sheung Shui parallel passenger

    Food and Department of Health Bureau Secretary to talk about Alzheimer's disease, dengue fever, pan-resistant NDM-1 enterobacteriaceae, avian flu and the Sheung Shui parallel passenger (Chinese only)

    Ko Wing-man, Food and the Department of Health Secretary, today (September 20) morning to attend public events, speaking to the media content:

    Food and Department of Health Bureau Secretary: Alzheimer's disease incidence rates with  rise in the aging population. Diagnosis of this disease has its difficulties, its early symptoms are not obvious, many caregivers or family members may be late discovery of this disease. Medical evidence shows that the longer we defer to deal with this disease (treatment) effect will be the worse. Second, due to (Alzheimer's disease) affect a wide range of patients in addition to the memory and cognitive ability, emotional, as well as many other intractable problems, for example, some patients experience depression, paranoia, or bad temper. In many families, if the elderly suffering from this disease, the family will face a big problem in the care of patients, so they need a lot of government agencies and charitable volunteer work groups to come together to study the overall program. The government is very concerned about this matter, and in recent years, the Hospital Authority (HA), Department of Health (DH) and the Social Welfare Department also conducted a lot of work, including increased resources to finance the needs of the patient, and the establishment of a new mode of service, such as day care services, and a lot of information and education work. The other hand, some people are very concerned about (this disease) nonaggressive some nonaggressive In language use, make disease patients unnecessary negative labels affect the recognition and support of the community on these patients, it also The industry is actively discussed, but renamed and is not easy, must comply with professional medical and pathological facts, again depending on the disease name to the possibility of removing the label of this work already in progress.

    In addition, I am very concerned about the recently found cases of dengue fever in Macau, it is likely to spread in the region. Several years ago, Hong Kong has also spread of dengue fever, (happened) time (with Macao) almost. Hope that the public will pay special attention to spread through a particular mosquito that causes dengue fever is not a human-to-human transmission, in this period, the public may not know how to tell which one is Aedes albopictus, so that preventive measures should be focused on the anti-mosquito, especially in outings (attention) clothing or use mosquito repellent, etc., try to protect themselves from mosquito bites, we should note. Citizens traveling outside, if known dengue transmission, should be especially careful.

    In addition, two of the same type of drug-resistant pathogens (NDM-1 pan-resistant Enterobacteriaceae). We are particularly concerned about this incident because two patients in the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital Hospital. The first patient, based on history shows, he has traveled outside of cases is temporarily classified as offshore introduced. The second patient with the first patient has been living with a ward, it is caused by (bacteria) the possibility of the spread of wards. The hospital has disinfected the ward and strengthen measures to prevent cross-infection. This incident, the hospital, the Hospital Authority and the Department of Health Protection Center will continue to investigate the two patients who need further confirms pathogens, whether belonging to the same genetic source in order to further determine whether the cases of the two cases in each other spread . For the time being, I believe we also need to assume that this may. Therefore, hospitals have the appropriate measures to be implemented in the ward. I think it is important that both germs or other in the community the opportunity to spread the disease often is spread by respiratory droplets, or through whom the contact, hand to mouth contact and spread. (About) the type of bacteria, the most important addition to the hospital or medical environment, there is enough to prevent cross-infection control measures, the respect of the public, I hope you do not mind if I repeat (hold) personal and environmental  of Health as to important. Personal note, pay attention to hand hygiene, wash hands, wash hands after contact with any object. Hope everyone good share of the work through strengthen environmental and personal  of Health, together with medical services (system), the chance of transmission of infectious diseases can be reduced to the lowest.

    Reporter: Will follow up investigating whether Eastern Hospital medical staff did not strictly comply with infection control measures? Or the bacteria present in the environment?

    Food and Department of Health Bureau Secretary: I believe this is part of the investigation which, but the most important is a good disinfection work to further strengthen anti-cross-infection measures.

    Reporter: (about the chances of infection has been visiting family members and health care workers)

    Food and the Department of Health Bureau Secretary: As I have said earlier, although temporarily unable to make absolutely sure that the two patients infect each other, so the environment and spatial and temporal factors but I assume this may be very reasonable. Since this may be, for Hospital and Health Centre for Health Protection will do the work of the contact tracing.

    Reporter: Will the bacteria to take root in Hong Kong? Opportunity to become endemic?

    Food and Department of Health Bureau Secretary: I believe to be  CHP further collect more local and international information, we can come to.

    The Reporter: Sheung Shui ("the parallel off"), FEHD What follow-up work?

    For Food and Health Health Secretary: Chief Secretary for Administration (announcement), an inter-departmental mechanism, is being strengthened to combat border "parallel" activities, or engaged in as a visitor and not commensurate economic activity TWP. The action, FEHD is one of the participating departments in charge of environmental  Health. Therefore, if any place for any reason, including the "parallel" activities lead to environmental affected, such as garbage, environmental pollution, FEHD (staff) will be responsible for the immediate cleanup.

    Reporter: whether the prosecution "the parallel off" digital?

    By the Secretary for Food and Health, Health: (violation) the the environment  Health (Bill), the number of prosecutions, we will be provided later.

    Reporter: Residents orders) (due to "the parallel off" problem rising food prices, there is no opportunity to discuss with the Mainland to increase the food sources?

    Food and the Secretary of the Department of Health Bureau: food (supply), with the mainland has maintained a very close cooperation. Earlier I visited Beijing, had a meeting with the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, yesterday, I also hold a meeting with the Guangdong counterparts. Mainland to Hong Kong food adequacy, quality and safety, we have very close ties with the mainland. We have the confidence to tell you that the mainland authorities in all respects and we also fully cooperate in order to ensure an adequate supply of food for export to Hong Kong, quality and safety. We will continue to work with the relevant Mainland authorities. In addition to a visit to Beijing, the short term I will visit the relevant departments of Guangdong, to further strengthen cooperation.

    Reporter: (about duck outbreak of avian flu in Zhanjiang, Guangdong)

    Food and Department of Health Bureau Secretary: We are very concerned about the recent raising feed the duck found in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, the highly pathogenic avian flu. This epidemic, we work closely with the relevant Mainland authorities to understand, aware of the Mainland has taken appropriate measures, immediate culling poultry. Arrangements of Hong Kong and the Mainland authorities, is supplied to Hong Kong poultry must come from designated farms, these farms subject to the approval of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and local relevant units certainly ensure the quality of the farm. All poultry supplied to Hong Kong shall be inoculated to combat avian flu vaccine. In addition, any region in Guangdong Province outbreak of avian influenza in poultry, the outbreak of all farms within a 13-kilometer radius of the location radius, Hong Kong will suspend imports of live poultry and poultry products. Regions of the avian flu outbreak in Zhanjiang, did not register for the Hong Kong poultry farms within the relevant range. Nevertheless, we will continue to pay close attention to this event, FEHD and the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, regardless of the entrance, local farms, local wholesale markets and retail outlets, as well as pet birds, also in Hong Kong and strengthening surveillance, as far as possible ensure that the highly pathogenic avian influenza does not spread to Hong Kong, and even the (bird flu), we also detected early.

    Reporter: (about as chickens in new bird flu vaccine)

    Food and the Secretary of the Department of Health Bureau: about the use of new avian flu vaccine, the Re-6 of H5N1 vaccine, after coordination after us with the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and local units, I have the confidence to tell you, this winter should be able to introduced. We have obtained the consent of the relevant Mainland authorities will take the lead in the introduction of this vaccine for domestic poultry farms on the Mainland.


    2012 September 20, 1999 (Thursday)
    Hong Kong Time 14:34