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Hong Kong - 2019 Measles - 75 cases to date

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  • Hong Kong - 2019 Measles - 75 cases to date


    Hong Kong confirmed measles cases reach 12
    Authorities are trying to trace persons exposed to a man recently diagnosed with measles
    By Asia Times staff

    The Centre for Health Protection in Hong Kong on Monday confirmed that a 41-year-old Hong Kong man was infected with measles, bringing the total number of cases in Hong Kong to 12 in the first quarter of this year.

    The patient, whose recent health had been good, developed fever and a rash on March 11 and consulted a private doctor before being admitted to Prince Margaret Hospital on March 14, according to a government release.

    The patient tested positive for immunoglobulin M (IgM) antibodies to the measles virus. He was in a stable condition and has since been discharged...

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    Measles outbreak in Hong Kong hits 5-year high, as Cathay employee is one of the latest to go down with highly contagious disease
    Two more cases reported on Saturday take number of Hongkongers infected to 19
    But officials say vaccination rates in city mean full-scale outbreak is unlikely
    Peace Chiu
    Published: 5:07pm, 23 Mar, 2019
    Updated: 11:39pm, 23 Mar, 2019

    Two more cases of measles were recorded in Hong Kong on Saturday, bringing the total number this year to a five-year high of 19, as health authorities said they expected more incidents to be reported.

    But officials said the chance of a large epidemic was not high as protection was relatively good in the city. The latest cases followed three more on Friday, surpassing the 15 from the whole of 2018 and leading authorities to declare an outbreak.

    Hong Kong International Airport appears to be one of the sites of the latest cases, with at least two Cathay Pacific staff members, two baggage handlers, and a security guard having all been confirmed to be infected in the past nine days...


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      CHP investigates outbreak of measles infection

      The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health is today (March 22) investigating an outbreak of measles infection affecting workers at the Hong Kong International Airport and hence reminded the public again that vaccination is the most effective way to prevent measles.

      As at 7pm today, three cases were identified. The first case involves a 22-year-old man with good past health, who developed fever on March 15 and rash on March 19. He attended a private clinic on March 17 and 19. He sought medical advice at Yan Chai Hospital on March 20 and was admitted for treatment. His nasopharyngeal aspirate (NPA) tested positive for measles virus upon laboratory testing. He is in a stable condition. The patient reported to have received measles vaccination.

      The second case involves a 40-year-old man with good past health, who developed cough and fever on March 9 and rash on March 14. He consulted a private doctor on March 14. He attended Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) on March 16 and was admitted for treatment. His NPA tested positive for measles virus upon laboratory testing. He is in a stable condition. The patient has not received measles vaccination.

      The third case involves a 46-year-old woman with good past health, who developed fever on March 13 and rash on March 19. She attended a private clinic on March 15. She sought medical advice at PMH on March 17 and was admitted for treatment. Her blood specimen tested positive for measles virus upon laboratory testing. She is in a stable condition. The patient has not received measles vaccination.

      According to the patients, all of them did not have contact with measles patients during the incubation period. They had no travel history during the incubation period or the communicable period. Their home contacts have remained asymptomatic so far and have been put under medical surveillance.

      The public places the three patients visited during the communicable period are listed in the appendix.

      "Upon notification of the cases, officers of the CHP have initiated epidemiological investigations and relevant contact tracing immediately to identify other possible patients as soon as possible," a spokesman for the CHP said.

      "A health talk was conducted at the airport tonight to deliver measles-related health advice to people working there. To prevent possible spread of infection, measles mop-up vaccination has been given tonight to close work contacts of the three patients," the spokesman added.

      Starting tomorrow (March 23), a vaccination station will be set up at the airport to provide measles vaccination to other non-immune people working there if necessary. A hotline (2125 1122) will be set up for public enquiries and will operate from 9am to 5.45pm daily from tomorrow.

      The spokesman said, "Those who might have had contact with the patients during the period of communicability are urged to observe if they have developed measles-related symptoms, and to seek medical treatment immediately if such symptoms appear. They should also report their symptoms and prior travel history to the healthcare workers so that appropriate infection control measures can be implemented at the healthcare facilities to prevent any potential spread."

      The spokesman explained that measles is a highly infectious disease caused by the measles virus. It can be transmitted by airborne droplets spread or direct contact with nasal or throat secretions of infected persons, and, less commonly, by articles soiled with nose and throat secretions. A patient can pass the disease to other persons from four days before to four days after the appearance of skin rash.

      The spokesman reminded the public that the incubation period of measles ranges from seven days to up to 21 days. Contacts who are not immune to measles may develop relevant symptoms, such as fever, skin rash, cough, runny nose and red eyes, in the incubation period. They should observe if they develop such symptoms in the period. If symptoms arise, they should wear surgical masks, stop going to work or school and avoid going to crowded places. They should also avoid contact with non-immune persons, especially persons with weakened immunity, pregnant women and children aged below 1.

      In Hong Kong, children are given the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine at 1 year old, followed by a second dose at Primary One under the Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme. The coverage of MMR vaccination in Hong Kong is over 95 per cent at Primary One.

      "Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent measles. Members of the public who are planning to travel to places with high incidence or outbreaks of measles should review their vaccination history and past medical history, especially people born outside Hong Kong who might not have received measles vaccination during childhood. The history of measles vaccination in Hong Kong is available in the CHP's measles thematic page. Those who have not received two doses of measles-containing vaccines, with unknown vaccination history or with unknown immunity against measles are urged to consult their doctor for advice on vaccination at least two weeks before departure," the spokesman said...

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      Hong Kong enhances vaccination services at airport to prevent spread of measles infection
      Source: Xinhua| 2019-03-25 22:10:05|Editor: zh

      HONG KONG, March 25 (Xinhua) -- Over 400 people got vaccinated against measles Monday at vaccination stations set up at the Hong Kong International Airport to prevent the spread of measles infection, according to Hong Kong's Center for Health Protection (CHP).

      From Jan. 1 to March 24, 2019, 20 measles cases have been registered in Hong Kong, a spokesperson of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government's Health Department told Xinhua on Monday.

      This number is higher than the annual totals of the past few years.

      Out of the 20 cases, at least nine have been categorized as imported cases and several recent cases concern people working at the Hong Kong International Airport...


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        Three more measles infections reported as Carrie Lam rejects criticism that Hong Kong airport outbreak was caused by loopholes in city?s immigration policy
        Medical sector lawmaker confronts Lam at city?s legislature, saying disease was ?clearly imported?
        The number of infections in Hong Kong is now 43, the latest being a radiographer at a public hospital
        Elizabeth Cheung
        Sum Lok-kei
        Published: 6:24pm, 3 Apr, 2019

        Three more people were struck down by measles on Wednesday as Hong Kong?s public hospitals stepped up precautions for a possible outbreak after a hospital worker was confirmed to have been infected.

        The latest report by the Centre for Health Protection pushed the total number of cases to 43 this year, with 21 of the afflicted working at Hong Kong International Airport.

        Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, meanwhile, insisted the situation was ?under control? and rejected a lawmaker?s criticism that loopholes in the city?s immigration policy were to blame for the measles infections at the airport...


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          Four new Hong Kong measles cases confirmed, with one nurse affected, and this month?s vaccine deliveries set to fall short
          The 20-year-old nurse works in the medical ward of Princess Margaret Hospital, where a radiographer was found to be infected this week
          One supplier of vaccines has told the Department of Health there will be a change in the supplies set to arrive in April

          Christy Leung
          Published: 10:13pm, 5 Apr, 2019
          Updated: 11:14pm, 5 Apr, 2019

          Another medical worker in Hong Kong has contracted measles, it was confirmed on Friday, while the city will face a vaccine shortage during the Easter travel season as doses from one supplier will fail to arrive this month.

          Amid the global wave of measles, the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) recorded four new cases, pushing the total number of cases to 54 this year, with 24 of those afflicted working at Hong Kong International Airport.

          Among the new patients was a 20-year-old female nurse who works in the medical ward of Princess Margaret Hospital in Kwai Chung, where a radiographer was also found to be infected this week.

          According to the authority, the nurse had been vaccinated against measles with two doses, was in good health and had no recent record of travelling. She did however work in the ward that had received a 46-year-old female patient who discharged herself against medical advice and was later readmitted with measles.

          ?The nurse developed a fever on March 31 and rash on April 3. She was admitted to Tin Shui Wai Hospital on April 4 and then transferred to Tuen Mun Hospital for isolation,? the CHP said. ?She is currently in a stable condition.?...


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            Hong Kong?s measles infections hit 55 in 2019 as another airport worker falls ill
            Customer service officer contracted the illness despite a previous vaccination
            Danny Mok
            Updated: 1:06am, 7 Apr, 2019

            Another worker at Hong Kong airport was on Saturday found to have been infected with measles, bringing the number of cases in the city this year to 55.

            The 25-year-old customer service officer contracted the disease despite a previous vaccination and past good health. He developed a fever on Tuesday followed by a rash two days later.

            The city?s Centre for Health Protection said the man worked on the seventh floor of Terminal 1, and had consulted a general practitioner on Friday before attending the emergency unit of North Lantau Hospital later in the day. He was then transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital in Kwai Chung for treatment.

            A laboratory test of a respiratory sample produced a positive result. He was in a stable condition on Saturday...


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              Measles latest: Bulgari sales assistant in Harbour City shopping centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, is newest victim of disease in Hong Kong
              Store worker?s diagnosis takes city tally for cases of the virus to 75 this year, which is up from 15 for all of 2018
              It follows outbreak this year at Hong Kong International Airport, triggering emergency response from Centre for Health Protection
              Ng Kang-chung
              Published: 10:14pm, 28 May, 2019

              A sales assistant in Hong Kong who works at a shop next to the Gucci outlet hit earlier by a measles outbreak has emerged as the latest victim of the disease.

              The latest case pushed the total number of measles cases in the city to 75 so far this year, up from 15 last year and four in 2017, according to the Centre for Health Protection.

              The 32-year-old man works at the Bulgari store in Harbour City shopping centre in the tourist district of Tsim Sha Tsui...