Henan flu enters epidemic season, take medicine as soon as possible within 48 hours of diagnosis
Beijing-Kowloon Evening News2023-10-22 09:58

The peak of Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia has not yet passed, and influenza has entered the epidemic season again. On October 20, reporters learned from the pediatric outpatient clinics and respiratory outpatient clinics of some hospitals in Zhengzhou that flu patients increased significantly compared with last week. What is the difference between the flu and a cold? During the flu season, how can we prevent it so we don’t get infected? I just received the flu vaccine in March this year, is it still necessary? With many issues of concern to the public, the reporter interviewed the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and respiratory experts.

The number of outpatient influenza patients increased significantly On the morning of October 19, Doudou (pseudonym), who had had a fever for three days, was taken to the outpatient clinic of Henan Children's Hospital by her mother. After testing, she was found to be positive for the influenza virus."Last week, the daily influenza infectious disease reports in our hospital were still in the single digits. Now there are 60 to 70 cases per day, which is significantly higher." said Song Chunlan, director of the Children's Emergency Department of Henan Provincial Children's Hospital.

What is the monitoring situation in Henan province? Zhang Xiaoxiao, director of the Second Office of the Immunization Planning Institute of the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that my country's influenza surveillance is divided into north and south based on the Qinling-Huaihe River line, and Henan Province is a northern province. According to national and provincial monitoring data, October to March of the following year is the influenza epidemic season in northern provinces and our province, and other times are non-epidemic seasons. In recent years, influenza activity in our province generally begins to increase in November, reaches a peak from the end of December to January of the following year, then continues to decline, and basically reaches non-epidemic season levels in March. At present, our province has entered the influenza epidemic season. The current overall influenza activity level is not high, but it is showing an increasing trend. Recently, the influenza virus nucleic acid positive rate of influenza-like cases in national influenza surveillance sentinel hospitals has shown an upward trend, showing the trend of seasonal influenza. Popular features.


If you are diagnosed with influenza, take medicine as soon as possible within 48 hours of onset of illness Song Chunlan reminded that once influenza is diagnosed, anti-influenza virus treatment should be given as soon as possible. Currently, the most commonly used anti-influenza virus drug is oseltamivir. Generally speaking, better clinical results can be obtained by starting anti-influenza virus drug treatment as early as possible within 48 hours of onset of illness. If you have symptoms of severe influenza such as low spirits, worsening cough, drowsiness, convulsions, difficulty breathing, etc., you must be hospitalized as soon as possible.

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