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China - Media report: Guangzhou has entered a period of high incidence of flu A, schools closed - March 29, 2023

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  • China - Media report: Guangzhou has entered a period of high incidence of flu A, schools closed - March 29, 2023

    Guangzhou has entered a period of high incidence of influenza A, how to distinguish between influenza A and the new crown?

    Popular Science Guangzhou

    2023-03-29 11:55
    Source: The Paper, The Paper, Government Affairs

    Influenza A enters a period of high incidence
    Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Tianjin and other places
    All schools are closed due to students suffering from swine flu

    Nail flu
    caused by influenza virus
    acute respiratory infectious disease
    often occurs in winter and spring
    Facing the menacing stream A
    Can we distinguish influenza A from the new crown in terms of symptoms?
    Will A new crown superimpose?
    How should we prevent a stream?
    The typical symptom of influenza A is fever
    Beijing Tiantan Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University
    Introduced by Wang Baozeng, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases
    Influenza virus can be divided into A, B, C, D
    4 big families
    Influenza A is the most common
    seasonally popular every year

    Released by the National Influenza Center of China
    Week 7, 2023
    China Influenza Surveillance Weekly Report shows
    Influenza A has been the most severe recently
    "The incubation period of influenza A is usually 1 to 3 days.
    The main symptom is fever
    Muscle aches and headaches all over the body
    There may also be some milder respiratory symptoms
    Such as cough, runny nose, sore throat, etc. "
    Wang Baozeng said
    Influenza A and new crown
    Symptoms are similar in the upper respiratory tract
    Typical symptoms of a flu are
    Fever and general muscle aches
    Mild and asymptomatic patients infected with the new coronavirus
    These situations generally do not occur. "
    The new crown may also bring abnormal taste and smell
    Some new coronavirus patients
    Symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea and conjunctivitis
    These symptoms are relatively rare in influenza A infection. "
    "Especially the effects on the senses of taste and smell
    It is a characteristic of the new coronavirus. "
    Non-severe COVID-19 patients
    Pneumonia is more common than influenza A
    For the elderly, those with underlying diseases
    For high-risk groups
    After influenza A
    Severe illness such as lung disease
    There are fewer cases than the new crown. "
    The probability of overlapping with the new crown is low
    For the superposition of influenza A and new crown
    Wang Baozeng said that the probability of this situation is very small
    Even if it appears
    Cases of critical illness in non-high-risk groups
    not often
    "At present, most of the population in our country
    are immune to the corona virus
    The probability of being infected with the new crown and influenza at the same time is very low
    Even in the case of co-infection with two viruses
    does not necessarily become a critical illness



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    Many classes in Guangzhou were suspended, primary and middle school students had fever, H1N1 flu broke out, and parents were in a hurry!

    2023-04-12 16:28liaoning

    Many classes in Guangzhou were suspended, primary and middle school students had fever, H1N1 flu broke out, and parents were in a hurry!

    This year's swine flu is still very serious. Many schools across the country are closed because students have a fever, and kindergartens are also closed to many children because of swine flu. Of course, adults should also pay attention, especially those with underlying diseases, it is best to go out for a walk, take preventive measures, and enhance physical fitness!

    I thought we had survived after the new strain died out, but to my surprise, another wave of flu came and went. Swine flu is no less contagious than Newcastle; if one student in a class gets infected, they all get infected. Three years ago, we had no concept of the epidemic and were optimistic. But now, as long as there is any sign of trouble, many people will panic. But for children, their parents' uneasiness affects them too.

    Due to the increase in swine flu cases, classes in many places in Guangzhou were suspended, and primary and middle school students had fever.

    The recent outbreak of swine flu in Guangzhou was very serious. There were so many cases of children that the hospitals were overcrowded and the queues reached thousands. Today, some netizens said that due to the increase in swine flu cases, some classes in some schools in Guangzhou had to be suspended, and an unusually large number of children sought treatment in hospitals due to fever. Teachers are asking students not to hide their illnesses and to attend classes with illnesses, as there appear to be more suspensions than before.

    Around Qingming, flu cases like this will increase, so you must pay attention to personal hygiene. The symptoms and speed of transmission this time are stronger than last year's "Yangkang". I hope that the swine flu will disappear after the Ching Ming Festival.

    Parents: crazy

    Parents are panicked. There have been too many cases this year where one person gets swine flu and whole families are affected. The children had recurring high fevers and ended up in hospital where they were prescribed antiviral drugs and are still recovering. Things just got better, but now it's back to square one.

    In fact, swine flu is not a new phenomenon this year. In previous years, there were also such cases, but there was no large-scale suspension of classes like now. During the school closures, children's learning progress was delayed again, but in terms of children's health, this is not a big problem. As soon as their health returns to normal, they can go back to school at any time and spend more time afterwards catching up on lessons they missed.

    what the author has to say

    The symptoms after infection are somewhat similar to those of the new coronavirus, so people are easily confused. The group most affected by the virus is students. If you have children at home, you should wear a mask when you go out, wash your hands regularly, and ventilate.