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China - Recently, all major hospitals in Hangzhou have been filled with influenza pneumonia patients - Zhejiang province - January 13, 2020 - weather blamed

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  • China - Recently, all major hospitals in Hangzhou have been filled with influenza pneumonia patients - Zhejiang province - January 13, 2020 - weather blamed

    Recently, all major hospitals in Hangzhou have been filled with influenza pneumonia patients.

    2020-01-13 08:13

    In the past few days, the cold air has exerted force and walking on the road, I feel the cold chill of Hangzhou in winter.

      Winter is a season of high incidence of respiratory diseases. Recently, patients with respiratory diseases have gathered in various hospitals in Hangzhou, and pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and asthma have increased. The Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University is almost full every day.

      "Since the beginning of winter, the largest number of patients who came to the clinic were upper respiratory tract infections. Since the middle and late last month, adult influenza has increased significantly. One day last week, adult influenza was detected in our general outpatient and specialist outpatient clinics45. The director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University, and the chief physician of the Zhejiang Respiratory Diseases Branch, Lu Qun, said that in the recent period, patients with pneumonia accounted for the first infusion or inpatients in the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the hospital, followed by slowly. Obstructive lung and asthma patients are ranked two or three. "Take last Friday, we admitted 25 inpatients, half of whom were pneumonia patients."



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    High flu season, Zhejiang First aid doctors give up leave to support frontline clinics

    2020-01-12 08:41 Hangzhou Daily

      Yesterday, although there were many children in the pediatric outpatient department of the Jiangjiang District of the Provincial Tongde Hospital, the order was orderly, and the waiting time for the consultation was significantly shortened. This was due to the presence of more experts. As a doctor in Tibet, Lu Min, the chief physician of the pediatric department at the provincial Tongde Hospital, returned to Hangzhou to take a vacation. At the height of the flu season, he saw that there were many children and his department colleagues worked hard.

    Lu Min is in that song.
      Tibetan doctors return to Hangzhou for vacation

      In December 2019, as a doctor in Tibet, Lu Min returned to Hangzhou for vacation. When returning to the pediatrics to visit colleagues, Lu Min learned that colleagues are working overtime every day to treat the child. "I want to fight with everyone, so many children are waiting!" Lu Min said.

      His idea was supported by Ruan Xianli, director of pediatrics. Especially in the Jiangjiang District of the Provincial Tongde Hospital, there is a relative shortage of pediatric outpatient staff, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, when there are more than 200 people a day at the peak of outpatient visits.

      "Pediatric colleagues are still holding their posts when they are sick. Every day, the outpatients with flu are overcrowded, which makes me feel safe at home." Lu Min's lover works in Jiashan. Her daughter usually lives in school, and the weekend is a rare family reunion. But Lu Min did not hesitate.

      In the outpatient clinic, Lu Min patiently consulted and treated the children. Among the children who came to the clinic were flu, bronchitis, and asthma. Outpatient clinic on Saturday morning, Lu Min visited the doctor until 12.30 noon, chopped rice, and continued to see the doctor in the afternoon. One day, Lu Min saw more than 50 children. The reporter asked, how long are you going to support the weekend outpatient service? Lu Min answered with a smile: "If the flu peak continues, I will definitely be here before I return to that song."
    Lu Min was seen in Hangzhou.

      Bringing children to Zhejiang to benefit Naqu

      In July 2019, with the original intention of sending warmth to Naqu children who lacked medicine and medicine, Lu Min came to Tibet and started a one-and-a-half year medical aid work in Tibet. He is the vice president of the Nagqu Women's Insurance Hospital and is responsible for clinical operations.

      The average altitude of Naqu City is over 4,500 meters, and the oxygen content is only 40% -50% of that of Zhejiang Province. A slight movement will cause shortness of breath, headache, and elevated blood pressure. Two months after Lu Min came to Nagqu, a physical examination revealed that uric acid, blood lipids, blood pressure increased, and myocardial ischemia. However, he overcame his physical discomfort, brought his Zhejiang experience to the Naqu Women's Hospital, carried out training, drills and assessments such as neonatal asphyxia and resuscitation, and convulsions in children, and opened expert clinics every week.

      Lu Min voluntarily requested to go to the countryside to conduct a free clinic. The villages that go to the free clinic are often in higher altitude areas, and the altitude sickness is also more intense. Each time they go to the countryside, they must take a four or five hour car. The eyes that parents and children desire, everything is worth it. "Lu Min said.

      "Seeing that the patient recovered and smiled again, the patient's family members are no longer worried, I am full of happiness, and have more enthusiasm." This time back to Hangzhou, Lu Min took the initiative to discuss with the hospital leaders and department directors, hoping to bring Zhejiang to the Internet through the Internet. The Provincial Tongde Hospital and the Nagqu Women's Hospital are closely linked to provide medical technical support to the Nagqu Women's Hospital. After the Spring Festival, Lu Min will return to Naqu, sowing the benevolence of the healers.