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China - Seasonal flu: Hospital pediatric ward overcrowded in Heze, Shandong province - January 9, 2020

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  • China - Seasonal flu: Hospital pediatric ward overcrowded in Heze, Shandong province - January 9, 2020

    Prevention of flu guardian health doctor reminds: young children, elderly, pregnant women need to pay special attention

    January 10, 2020

    Parents lead their children, sit, hug, or lie, waiting for medical treatment

      Dazhong ? Poster News Heze, January 9th ( Reporter Wu Baojie ) Since the winter, with the decrease of temperature, there are no more pediatrics and respiratory medicine departments in Heze Hospital.On January 9th, the public website poster reporter saw from the Pediatric Ward Building of Heze Peony People's Hospital (Heze Central Hospital) that the ward was overcrowded. Parents led their children, either sitting, or hugging, or lying, waiting Paramedics for treatment. In addition, the ward of the respiratory medicine department is also full, and there are many patients hanging bottles in the corridor.

      "The number of children who come to the hospital these days is particularly high. We need to see more than 300 children a day. To this end we have opened an additional clinic. Their symptoms are mostly fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, and stuffy nose. "The hospital's director of pediatrics, Li Jinfeng, said. Recently, influenza has prevailed. As a high-risk group, children inevitably need to go to crowded areas like schools. What can they do to prevent influenza effectively? Li Jinfeng reminded parents: "Because the temperature has changed a lot recently and the weather is dry, children must be protected when they go out, wear a hat and mask, if there is a cold symptom, go to the clinic and take medicine early, and do not stop the medicine immediately after the cold has improved So as not to relapse. "

      In addition, in addition to children to pay attention to prevent flu, adults should not be taken lightly. On the morning of the 9th, a reporter from the Public Net ? Poster saw in the hospital's respiratory medicine ward. Patients were also resident in the ward and outside the corridor. The patients in the department were mainly adults. The director of the department, Dong Jihua, told reporters that a high incidence of influenza In the future, the outpatient plus sign will become very frequent, and the most common are elderly patients, because their immunity is relatively weak.

      "I started coughing and having a high fever from last week. I have been undergoing symptomatic treatment. My health is not good. I still have fever intermittently for the past two days." Ms. Li, who lives in Mudan District, was just hospitalized yesterday. After her hospitalization, she had a CT scan. Pneumonia. "Viral influenza is prone to cause pneumonia. In the high season of influenza, once you find symptoms such as headaches and fever, you need to seek medical treatment and treatment early." Dong Jihua said, "This snowfall can not only effectively improve air quality, but also curb the incidence of influenza to a certain extent. rate." poster reporters have learned that citizens are generally susceptible to the flu virus, and young adults are highly resistant to infection and are less likely to develop infections or have mild symptoms. Some people in special populations should pay special attention, such as children under 5 years old, 65 Elderly or older, pregnant women, patients with chronic underlying diseases.