Jimo District People's Hospital: Influenza hits, children surge, and pediatricians day and night ...

2020-01-03 16:19 Source: Lu Wang

The Department of Pediatrics of Jimo District People's Hospital is responsible for the outpatient emergency treatment of three quarters of the children in the district. Fourteen pediatricians between the ages of 40 and 57 have carried this burden. In the face of the sudden increase in workload, all pediatric medical staff actively dispatched, worked overtime in turn, and seamlessly attended the consultation 24 hours a day, which helped the children to clear the sky. Babies with antipyretic stickers, anxious waiting parents, staggered IV poles, nurses stepping on a hot wheel, several parents in the office surrounded the doctors' enquiries, the child's coughing sounds, and Crying noises and noisy outlines of the pediatric medical staff's pivotal consultation environment. According to the director of Pediatrics Zhang Dingrong, the number of pediatric clinics was 50 in the morning and 40 in the afternoon. According to Lan Rongrong, the nurse in the pediatric infusion room, the peak of this year's outpatient clinic came later than in previous years, but it was fierce. The number of children receiving outpatient infusion throughout the day reached nearly 500.