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China - Young wife saved with ECMO treatment after "a viral flu" causes bloody cough & pneumonia - Guangzhou, Guangdong province - March 3, 2018

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  • China - Young wife saved with ECMO treatment after "a viral flu" causes bloody cough & pneumonia - Guangzhou, Guangdong province - March 3, 2018

    Couples in Guangzhou spend hundreds of thousands against the super flu! Will there be a surge of flu in March? How should everyone prevent?

    2018-03-03 22:39
    Before the Chinese New Year, the weather in Guangzhou was a winter climate. On that day, it was an all-round eclipse. His wife Li Yun began to have a cold and cough. He went to a nearby hospital for a visit and saw it as a viral flu. Later, after the medication was not relieved, the cough became more and more serious. Both of the couple looked at the cold as too light, not how to manage it! However, his wife Li Yun slowly found that his situation was a bit wrong. His cough was bloody. Her husband accompanied her wife to see the clinic again. However, after taking X-rays, her wife could not breathe that evening. Go to the hospital to observe ..........
    After looking for a specialist doctor to treat his wife and seeing a doctor, the entire husband was panicked because his wife Li Yun?s lungs were already white and his breath was short. The doctor advised Li Yun to take ICU observations and immediately Using a non-invasive ventilator to keep breathing smoothly, and see Li Yun stuffed the body with a pipe, her husband saw the heart is simply heartache, he could not see his wife suffer such pain, he said: ?With more money, Even if there is only 0.01 hope, we must save our wife."

    After another night, Li Yun conducted an X-ray examination again the next day. This time there was a rapid spread of both lungs. This may be a crisis situation. The ventilators could not support Li Yun's life. On this front line of life, the doctor recommended immediate rescue. After checking the items, the doctors decided to use the ECMO (artificial membrane lung). This is a relatively expensive medical program. The daily cost is calculated in thousands of yuan, and the husband knows it. I didn't think afterwards: "Be sure to save my wife."

    Under the long wait of surgery, there was a recovery period, and none of them knew how much money was consumed, but at last it was also awkward. More than a dozen of the more than 20 smallpox were worthwhile because the condition of his wife Li Yun slowly began. Fortunately, you cannot imagine what the two couples have experienced in these 20 days. Anxiety, jealousy, and torture ... The doctor said: "Fortunately LI Yun is young, otherwise ECMO may not be able to save."


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    Another Sohu arricle of the same couple:

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