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​China - At least 61 flu outbreaks reported in schools since December 2017 in Anhui Province

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  • ​China - At least 61 flu outbreaks reported in schools since December 2017 in Anhui Province

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    Last month, Anhui Province schools outbreak at least 61 flu

    January 08, 2018 09:55:26 source: Zhong An online

    According to the information of Anhui Commercial Daily, at present, our province is in the peak period of influenza epidemic. The level of influenza virus activity has been enhanced. Influenza-like cases in the province have obviously increased. In particular, crowds of places such as schools and nurseries are likely to cause outbreaks. According to the reporter from the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, according to the results of influenza surveillance in our province, at least 61 cases of influenza outbreaks reported by nurseries and primary and secondary schools since December 2017 have taken place. The situation is rather grim.

    Flu into the winter epidemic peak

    Monitoring data show that in recent days, both our country's northern and southern countries have entered the peak season of influenza epidemic in winter. Influenza-like illness in children shows a very obvious upward trend in the recent two weeks. According to the results of influenza surveillance conducted by the CDC in our province, at least 61 influenza outbreak cases have been reported by nurseries and primary and secondary schools since December, making the situation more severe.

    For the current peak of influenza, pediatric common disease status quo, Hefei City Health Planning Commission requested the city's hospitals at all levels to improve pediatric medical services to protect the city's children's family medical treatment work. At the same time, we will establish a two-way referral mechanism for pediatrics and make use of the advantages of medical institutions, medical communities and pediatric federations in grass-roots medical institutions and top three hospitals in seeking a reasonable guide and diversion of pediatric common diseases.

    The school may stop the epidemic timely

    Flu-like illness refers to fever (body temperature ≥ 38 ℃), with cough or sore throat one. New Year holidays, the students have to return to school, the provincial health department to remind, when schools or nurseries flu-like cases, if distributed cases, schools or nurseries to deal with sick students should be isolated, timely treatment or home Treatment, to avoid contact with other children, while strengthening classroom disinfection; if the flu outbreak (flu-like cases ≥ 10 cases), should be promptly reported to the county CDC in its area.

    Classrooms should often open the window ventilation, while doing a good job in student warmth; improve self-prevention ability of teachers and students. Students and toddlers who are found to have flu symptoms such as fever, cough or sore throat should be notified immediately by phone to their parents to go to the hospital or community health center for treatment as soon as possible. When a flu-like illness occurs, the school should be under the guidance of a CDC specialist , Do daily disinfection and end disinfection work; schools and kindergartens in the outbreak of influenza outbreak, schools and care institutions may be suspended in due course to prevent the spread of the epidemic. (Chen Xu Ling Ying Wang Yi Wu Jinju Qiu Xiangfeng Zhang Yong)
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