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China - Shandong Province - Weifang: many families with flu, anti-influenza virus drugs out of stock

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  • China - Shandong Province - Weifang: many families with flu, anti-influenza virus drugs out of stock

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    Flu fierce family recruit a lot of families in the recent cross-infection

    Source: Weifang Evening News 2018-01-03 08:26:25

    Flu ferocious family trick

    Recently, many families have cross-infection, the relevant departments prompted scientific prevention

    Recently, the "flu prevention" message in the circle of WeChat friends was frequently forwarded and attracted the public's attention. January 2, the reporter interviewed found that the city's major hospitals in the small cold patients are still full. Not only that, some adults also have a cold in recent days. Drugs that individually prevent and treat flu in pharmacies are also sold off. At present, it is the high incidence of influenza, Provincial Health Planning Commission issued a reminder that the scientific prevention and treatment of influenza.

    Adults in the cold increase

    In recent days, the city's temperature changeable, cold patients have increased.

    In the Municipal People's Hospital Women and Children Hospital, City Hospital and City MCH, the number of minor illness is still more, the cause is mostly flu, bronchitis, high fever, enterovirus infection. Serious cases, have to be hospitalized.

    "This cold contagious relatively strong, my eldest daughter cold just happens, the youngest son has a cold. Recently more than 20 days, I almost do anything else, just wait for children at home." Pediatric band in the city hospital Ms. Liu, a citizen of a child's doctor, said she lives in Shouguang. Since the child caught a cold for too long, she came to see the large hospital in Weifang.

    January 2, the reporter saw several large hospitals in the city, not only children in the infusion, due to flu infusion adults also significantly increased. According to doctors, since the end of November last year, many children have developed a cold. Recently, some adults also experienced the symptoms of flu and fever, and they all went to hospital for transfusion.

    "One in three colleagues in the unit had a cold, and three of them took a long sick leave." Mr. Cheng, an advertising company in our city, said he has always had a good physique and has not had a cold for many years and has no idea what The reason, from the end of last month he began to cough, fever, up to now are not good.

    Individual cold medicine has emerged out of stock

    In order to combat the flu, many patients in addition to choose infusion therapy, also taking anti-influenza virus drugs. Reporters found that oseltamivir phosphate particles in many pharmacies can not buy. In addition, in some online stores, the drug also appeared out of stock.

    It is understood that this medicine for the prevention and treatment of influenza A and B influenza, both adults and children version, the price is higher than the average cold medicine. "This year's pandemic influenza is type B, I went to several pharmacies, have not bought this drug." Weifang District kite capital New Area, said Mr. Fang.

    "Pre-purchase of this drug too many people, manufacturers supply However, not only drugstore out of stock, and even some hospitals are out of stock." Kuiwen District, Fu Shou Street and Yuhe Road intersection near the pharmacy owner Zhao Mr. said that even if there are some pharmacies and oseltamivir phosphate particles, the price must be low, "in Zibo, Linyi and other places, this drug is also very difficult to buy."

    "Recently, citizens who come to buy cold medicine and anti-inflammatory drugs have obviously increased their numbers. Half of them want to buy oseltamivir phosphate granules, which can be out of stock." A pharmacy near the intersection of Wolong East Street and Kite-fly Road Ms. Zheng said the salesman, the current drug is difficult to get into the stock.

    This winter, the high incidence of influenza earlier than usual

    Since the beginning of this year, the precipitation in our city is less, and all kinds of bacteria and viruses in the air are suspended. The number of patient visits in emergency and outpatient department of respiratory medicine in all major hospitals has risen linearly. In addition, as temperatures drop further, the elderly and children with weaker resistance are at risk of getting flu and the precautions should be taken.

    At present, the city has entered the high incidence of influenza epidemic, compared with previous years, the influenza prevalence earlier. The virus is mainly influenza B virus, and the accumulative epidemic shows a high proportion of primary and secondary schools and nurseries.

    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela