Severe flu this year compared to last year to prevent influenza Freeze dressing

Source: Information Times  Author:  Posted: 2016-04-19 10:18

Recently, according to the Guangdong Provincial Planning Commission communications satellite, "the province of notifiable infectious diseases report" shows that at 0:00 on March 1 to 31, 24, the province reported a total of 55,529 cases of Class C infectious diseases, 2 deaths. Among them, the number of reported cases of influenza among the first. According to the seasonal flu early warning information recently released by the Planning Commission, the provincial health every year from March to July is the seasonal influenza epidemic season, just as of March 18, this year's Guangdong report 20,470 cases of influenza cases, compared with last year increased by 263% (ie 2.63 times last year).
Last year a serious flu this year
From the macro data, this year's flu situation is indeed serious than last year, and the same is true in hospital departments. Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Respiratory Medicine, director of Shen Chen said that the current number of visits due to influenza compared to last year, does add a lot, and his Departments, the patient population is mainly young people are more and more, mainly fever, runny nose, sore throat and nasal congestion such symptoms mainly. "Influenza diagnostic flu also belong to the scope of diagnosis, under normal circumstances, are out-patient clinic, generally unnecessary admitted to hospital for."