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China - Female, 7, died suddenly of cardiogenic shock, the attending doctor warns of flu implications - April 11, 2016

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  • China - Female, 7, died suddenly of cardiogenic shock, the attending doctor warns of flu implications - April 11, 2016

    7-year-old girl in kindergarten syncope sudden death while running the hospital: Very rare

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    At 9:07 on April 11, 2016 Southern Metropolis Daily

      Original title: The Girls Kindergarten syncope hospital died
      Southern News reporter Yi Jiang Shenzhen Navy did not think how, still alive and kicking in the morning to go to nursery school with her mother's daughter Ying-ying (a pseudonym), turned out to be a cold afternoon to see the body. 8 at noon, Shenzhen Baoan manhole a nursery sudden death occurred in young children, a 7-year-old girl during lunch followed by syncope teacher running, to the hospital after she died.
      A few days ago in kindergarten physical examination done
      Incident Bao'an District of Shenzhen City streets democratic Avenue Mishina Arts Kindergarten. When Southern Reporter morning arrived, Ying-ying families in the kindergarten door ready to find a zoo to seek explanation, Ying-ying's grandmother fell to the ground crying grief, doorway stood more Zhang Yingying in daily life.Chiang Ying-ying father usually do business in Dongguan, one week back to see her daughter again.
      Mr. Jiang introduction, Ying-ying usually very healthy and rarely get sick.Moreover, a few days ago she was still in kindergarten physical examination did show healthy meal Chiang suspected cause of death and kindergartens do strenuous exercise. "Why so hot at noon yesterday, the school also take them out of the running? Teacher may faint after improper handling, causing secondary damage." Mr. Jiang said Ying-ying very studious, like painting, good grades.
      Reporters then contacted the kindergarten to the third grade arts Chan, according to its introduction, Yingying is the teachers do with their normal outdoor activities sudden discomfort, "is actually a normal movement, during the warm-up jog, just around the playground , less than two laps, then the child feels dizzy, a little coma, our doctors gave her pinch, called her name, then a little awareness. "
      Hospital: cardiogenic shock death
      After the incident, the kindergarten teacher to call the 120 emergency telephone manhole Ying-ying to the People's Hospital in the hospital a few hours later, the child still left this world. This zoo also feel sad, but a reporter to view the surveillance video of the incident requirement principal Ms. Chen refused. She said the nursery will give maximum comfort to the parents and families of children with the forensic identification, to find the child's death.
      Reporters from the hospital information notes that the reason for the death of Ying-ying: cardiogenic shock. "I was transferred to the hospital emergency department after children showed severe state of shock, the body clammy skin, mental loss of consciousness, pale, gray. Children sicker very fast, soon appeared in cardiopulmonary arrest after the ICU." Hospital their pediatrician Qiu Zhou told reporters after the joint multiple departments emergency rescue experts, still could not save the life Ying-ying.
      Qiu explained its periphery, the children from the onset to death about two hours, this process is very short. "The recent emergence of the influenza virus can easily lead to myocarditis, myocarditis may lead to cardiogenic shock, sudden death for this sudden, instantaneous increase the cardiogenic shock on a global scale is very rare." He reminded parents not need to worry too much, but usually for children to enhance personal hygiene, especially during flu season, pay attention to drink warm water, to less densely populated places.

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