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China - Several cases of pneumonia and respiratory failure in pregnant women with flu - Yangzhou, Jiangsu province - February 12, 2016

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  • China - Several cases of pneumonia and respiratory failure in pregnant women with flu - Yangzhou, Jiangsu province - February 12, 2016

    Pregnant women suffering from influenza complicated by severe pneumonia with respiratory failure in advance caesarean section

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    2016年02月14日14:15 | Add a comment ( 0 participants) | Save to blog

    Net Yangzhou - Yangzhou Evening News

      "The recent surge in flu patients, there have been several cases of severe complications of pneumonia and respiratory failure patients, individual patients in critical condition." Yesterday, the city hospital respiratory medicine chief physician Taoyu Jian told reporters, a new mother suffering from severe pneumonia lives are at stake.   Pregnant women suffering from severe pneumonia   in advance caesarean section   Wang, who lives in the local (pseudonym) this year more than 20 years old, about to give birth. I had a few days ago, she attended a dinner, returned home and found a cold, she did not seriously be followed by a high fever, chills, general malaise and other symptoms. Wang, accompanied by his family, immediately go to the Western hospital. After admission, the doctor approaching decisive let Wang take the expected date of caesarean section, gave birth to a child. However, Wang postpartum high fever, cough, and Jiangan wheezing, difficulty breathing, respiratory department after consultation consideration is complicated by severe pneumonia and respiratory failure, despite the full treatment, the patient's condition remains stable, the need for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation the extent of treatment, in critical condition.  Hard guy fever "carry"   not seriously suffering from pneumonia   in addition to immune dysfunction, frail, malnutrition and infant and other groups tingible influenza and complications after young people suffering from flu, or for the Chinese New Year taboo for medical treatment, or busy with friends and family together, simply go to the hospital carrying, and delay the disease, the flu dragged into pneumonia and other severe diseases.   Braided River, who lives on the street 32-year-old boy Xiao Li (pseudonym) after suffering from flu, high fever. He Yingkang medication for five days, there has been weakness, do not want to eat other symptoms. Li Qiang, insisted to the small city hospital for treatment.   Taoyu Jian told reporters: "chest X-ray examination showed a large area of pneumonia, patients need immediate hospitalization." After that the disease can be dangerous, Mike did not seriously, but chose to leave quietly.   "The recent surge in flu patients, which accounted for much of influenza patients, and the emergence of several cases of severe complications of pneumonia patients." Taoyu Jian told reporters.   He reminded influenza mainly by air droplets, this time, the above-described special populations should be avoided to crowded public places. "In addition, it includes good health in young people, but also be careful not to stay up late, eating a balanced, time to add clothing, drink plenty of water once the flu-like symptoms, as soon as possible to the hospital for timely treatment.."   Correspondent reporter Zhang Qingping Gubo Juan   Author: Zhang Qingping

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