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China - Flu patients double in 1 week at Hebei Children's Hospital - many have severe pneumonia, fever, convulsions

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  • China - Flu patients double in 1 week at Hebei Children's Hospital - many have severe pneumonia, fever, convulsions

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    A fever of children doubled in preschool children accounted for the majority
    February 22, 2012 5:30 Hebei Youth Daily
      "Recently, a fever of children really, we pay more attention to our children have lost several a few days fluid." Recently, the provincial capital of Miss Shi telling everyone that. The data from the hospital confirmed the feelings of Miss Shi: Since last Saturday, the provincial capital of patients with flu-like fever surge on outpatients has more than doubled the previous week.


      ■ Children's Hospital wards filled with children infusion for colds

      ■ children of viral influenza will double

      "Doctor, you have to look at, children take medicine and injections, burning, dropped out of this a few days with a cold not at all mend, how ah?" Yesterday morning, in Hebei Children's Hospital Respiratory out-patient room , a lady round the listless children distressed and anxious.

      The corridor outside the outpatient, packed with children and parents waiting to see a doctor and outgoing waves of sound of a cough from time to time.

      "Last week, the patient can not so many, starting from Saturday (18), Department of Respiratory Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases, patients suddenly increased." Director of the outpatient department of Children's Hospital of Hebei Province Ping Zonghuai introduced in recent days three sections The outpatients date up to 700 people, of which 2/3 of all the flu virus than the last week more than doubled. Hospital infusion room patients also increases. "Every day last week, also more than 100 people, these days every day, more than 300 people, mostly fever, cold, and many children have pneumonia."

      Subsequently, the reporter of Hebei Medical Academy of freshman, Hebei Medical School sophomore has been the same as clearly demonstrated by children increased significantly in recent days with a fever.

      ■ ill for preschoolers

      6-year-old preschool children accounted for the majority of these children suffering from a fever, usually caused by viral infection. "In addition to many children because of illness to severe pneumonia, there are many children who show a high fever, convulsions and other symptoms." Ping Zonghuai said.

      Why children who show flu-like fever soared? Feng Zonghuai explained, first of all is now in the spring flu; followed by the children as the holiday is over, start the park entrance, the opportunity to gather more than holidays increased risk of cross infection is followed by increase; In addition, the temperature difference between day and night compared to large but also easy for children suffering from the cold resistance is relatively poor.

      Therefore, Feng Zonghuai remind all parents, and usually must pay attention to the children warm, attention to health and ground window ventilation to prevent colds, influenza vaccination to children. The event of a severe fever, cold is the best and timely medical treatment. ■ text / reporter Chen Xue ■ photo / newspaper intern reporter Kang Huajie share this information to be posted.