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China - More "air conditioning" disease - Hunan province - September 3, 2020

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  • sharon sanders
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  • sharon sanders
    fyi -

    from the US CDC:

    "Home and car air-conditioning units do not use water to cool the air, so they are not a risk for Legionella growth."

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  • China - More "air conditioning" disease - Hunan province - September 3, 2020

    Cervical pain, dizziness...These health problems may be caused by air conditioning

    2020-09-03 00:43:00 [ Source: Voices Online ] [ Author: Li Qi Yang Zhengqiang ] [ edit: Hong Xiaoyi ]
    Font: [ Da Zhong small ]

    Huasheng Online News, September 2 ( Sanxiang Metropolis Daily?Huasheng Online reporter Li Qi correspondent Yang Zhengqiang) In this hot season, many people who work and study in air-conditioned environment for a long time cannot get the environment because of poor air circulation. Improved, symptoms such as dizziness, headache, upper respiratory tract infection, gastrointestinal discomfort, joint soreness, etc. appear. These phenomena are called "air conditioning syndrome" or "air conditioning disease" in modern medicine.
    "Although it is the hot weather, everyone should avoid working at desks or sitting in an air-conditioned room for a long time, and get up and move your muscles and bones as much as possible." On September 1, Xiao Jun, deputy dean of Hunan Chest Hospital, reminded , The air conditioner should be used in a healthy and reasonable manner. In summer, the temperature of the air conditioner should be controlled at 26 ℃-29 ℃. Pay attention to more ventilation and increase the indoor oxygen content and humidity.
    Cervical pain, the method is exhausted but no effect
    Zhang Cheng (a pseudonym) in Yuelu District, Changsha, has opened a film and television studio at home, and is responsible for film and television post-production. Because of working at home, Zhang Cheng rarely goes out on weekdays. "When the weather is hot, I don't want to go out. I basically edit videos in the studio all summer. I sit for a day and the air conditioner hasn't been cut off." Zhang Cheng said.
    Over time, Zhang Cheng’s
    cervical spine was always aching, thinking that it might be caused by sitting in front of the computer for a long time every day, so he would occasionally move his muscles and bones when he was free. However, after a period of time, in addition to cervical pain, symptoms such as stiff shoulders and back, dizziness, blurred vision, and numbness in the hands appeared one after another. I went to the hospital for examination, but no specific problems were found.
    Later, when someone said that massage could relieve the pain of the cervical spine, Zhang Chengbian went to find someone for a massage. He also heard that it was effective to sleep with a beer bottle as a pillow, so he put a beer bottle on his pillow every night, tossing and tossing, but The effect is never obvious.
    It turned out to be the air conditioner
    In mid-August, Zhang Cheng came to the Rehabilitation Treatment Center of Hunan Thoracic Hospital. After questioning and examination, the rehabilitation practitioner believed that Zhang Cheng had symptoms such as cervical pain, stiff shoulders, dizziness, blurred vision, and numbness in his hands. It is caused by air conditioning, which is commonly referred to as "air conditioning disease." After Zhang Cheng returned home, he turned off the air conditioner and received rehabilitation physiotherapy in the hospital rehabilitation center. After a period of time, the symptoms of discomfort gradually disappeared.
    In response to Zhang Cheng’s condition, Deputy Dean Xiao Jun said that in the past, people knew little about “air-conditioning disease”, but with the generalization of air-conditioning, more and more people appeared because of incorrect use of air-conditioning. Discomforts such as nasal congestion, dry eyes, dry lips, dizziness, sneezing, tinnitus, fatigue, memory loss, tightness and dry skin, easy allergies, easy wrinkling, joint pain, muscle pain, etc.
    Deputy Dean Xiao Jun reminded that when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, if a person enters and exits the outdoor high temperature and low temperature air-conditioning environment many times in a short period of time, it will easily cause the body's regulatory dysfunction and cause headaches and dizziness. In addition, the lack of air circulation in air-conditioned rooms and dry indoor air will cause dust accumulation and bacteria to multiply, which will stimulate the human mucosa and cause "air conditioning disease."
    To deal with "air-conditioning disease", we must take precautions, especially the children and the elderly. Generally speaking, the physical fitness is relatively poor, and they are often dependent on the air-conditioning environment. As everyone knows, they are very likely to be able to get it in the long-term air-conditioning environment. Air-conditioning disease". In addition, the occurrence of "air conditioning disease" should be treated correctly and go to the hospital in time, otherwise the condition may get worse.
    Knowledge link:
    The harmful effects of air-conditioning disease
    There are various symptoms of air-conditioning disease, and the harm to the human body is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
    1. Negative effects on the respiratory tract
    Generally speaking, the respiratory tract is relatively fragile. People with weaker physique will suffer from sneezing, coughing, runny nose, muscle aches and other upper respiratory diseases in an air-conditioned environment for a long time.
    When a person suddenly enters an air-conditioned and refrigerated environment in the hot outside environment, the lungs inhale cold air, the contrast between cold and heat will be particularly obvious, and the respiratory cells in the lungs will produce discomfort, causing coughing and sneezing.
    Because everyone is afraid that the air conditioner will be turned on and the air conditioner will run away, the environment will be sealed, resulting in poor air circulation, and the breeding of bacteria will exist in a sealed air-conditioned environment at a high density. Many people will experience both cold and heat, chills and fever.
    Negative effects on body joints and muscles
    The outdoor air is hot in summer, and people generally wear less clothes, but the indoor air conditioner blows badly and the clothes are very thin. Such a low temperature environment will stimulate the blood vessels to contract sharply, and the blood flow will not flow smoothly, resulting in joint damage, cold and pain , Neck and back stiffness, waist and limb pain, cold numbness in hands and feet, etc. Some people will also have facial muscle paralysis.
    3. Negative effects on human skin
    People enter the air-conditioned room directly from the hotter environment of outsiders. Without natural transition, the pores will shrink suddenly. In addition, the long-term air-conditioned room will dry and itchy skin, especially for people with chronic skin diseases. , It is very sensitive to temperature changes, and it is too dry to cause itching.
    The impact on the brain nerves
    The negative ions contained in the air are beneficial to people and can relieve brain fatigue, but the air conditioner has absorbed too much negative ions, which makes the positive ions in the room more and more, and the imbalance of positive and negative ions also makes people's brain nervous system disorder and imbalance. It can cause negative emotions, irritability, and memory loss.