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China - Healthy Son Dies of Pneumonia - Feeding Procedure Blamed in Zhejiang Province

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  • China - Healthy Son Dies of Pneumonia - Feeding Procedure Blamed in Zhejiang Province

    Parents point to signs of premature deaths inappropriate formula feeding is the murderer <!--function content3() parse begin--><!--function: content3() parse end 0ms cost! -->
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    January 26, 2010 15:25:14 <!--function: pub_date(yyyy年MM月dd日 HH:mm:ss) parse end 0ms cost! --> Zhejiang Online news site

    Zhejiang Online News January 26
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    Adorable son, All of a sudden accidental death, which makes the whole family into deep grief.

    The child's father, Mr. Fang is the finger of blame pointed at her son has been eating a certain domestically produced brand.

    But the autopsy showed the child's cause of death is not a formula, but the interstitial bronchial pneumonia.

    Yesterday, they have already received the autopsy report, Mr. Fang is both heartbreaking regret again.

    Healthy baby boy sudden death

    Mr. Fang is a new warehouse, Pinghu Town, who, until now, he still did not believe my lovely son, had left them.
    At that time, Mr. Fang had been almost a child 5 months, and the son is a lovely person's treasure.
    去年12月10日傍晚5点多,孩子的奶奶把奶粉、米粉及葡萄糖混合在一起冲泡了200毫升的奶汁,然后喂给 孩子吃。
    The evening of December 10 last year, 5 points more than the child's grandmother to milk powder, rice flour and glucose mixed with 200 ml of milk brew, and then fed the children to eat.
    To 8 pm and more side lady the same way again deployed 200 ml, the child fall asleep after eating.
    根据习惯,孩子凌晨3点的时候会再喝一次奶,方阿婆在冲泡后给孩子换尿布,发现孩子正在拉稀, 显得有些脏。
    According to custom, the child will be at 3 am, when a milk drink, party lady in the brew to give every child diaper and found that children are Diarrhea, a bit dirty.
    By 8 am more than a square old lady and then hold a child found a wrong.
    "Cool forehead, the nose is also next to the cool." Side lady said she rushed to her son called himself put the kids to send a new warehouse hospital.
    Unfortunately, to the hospital, the child heartbeat and breathing have been nothing, despite efforts by doctors to save, but still not able to save their children back.

    Overnight, a happy family into mourning.

    Milk are to blame?
    How good children will suddenly die?
    This allows Mr. Fang, apart from the heartache, but also deep in thought.
    After consideration, he took aim at his son consumed milk.
    方先生说,孩子从一出生,就一直食用这个国产品牌的奶粉,平时孩子身体很好,没有什么毛病,最近也没有感冒 咳嗽之类的。
    Mr. Fang said that a child from birth, had been consumed in this domestic brands of milk powder, usually a child in good health, there is nothing wrong with the recent cold cough does not like that.
    Moreover, the problems are now so much milk, which inevitably give rise to such doubts Mr. Fang.
    鉴于方先生的怀疑,平湖新仓工商所的领导相当重视,当即就对同一批次的奶粉进行登记保存,然后抽取其中的样 品送往相关部门进行常规性的毒性检查。
    In view of Mr. Fang suspicion of Commerce and Industry of Pinghu the leadership of the new warehouse considerable attention immediately on the right to register the same batches of milk powder to save, and then taking one of the samples sent to the relevant departments to conduct routine inspections of toxicity.
    The final results of laboratory tests show that these formula are not toxic, are all eligible products.
    Although I always had doubts about it, but the scientific data in front of Mr. Fang can not accept this result.
    Pneumonia was originally asked for a life

    But Mr. Fang is to find out the cause of death his son, in someone else's suggestion, Mr. Fang decided to his son for an autopsy.

    December 15 last year, Mr. Fang of my son's body sent to Hangzhou.
    在经过焦急的等待之后,方先生终于拿到了浙江省病理尸体解剖中心出具的尸检报告,令方先生意想不到的是,儿 子的死因竟然是肺炎。

    After an anxious wait, Mr. Fang finally got pathological autopsy center in Zhejiang Province issued the autopsy report, so Mr. Fang is a curious way, his son's death turned out to be pneumonia.
    记者在这张报告中看到了这样一行字:气管及支气管内乳汁吸入,间质性支气管性肺炎,肺水肿,淤 血。

    Journalists in this report, see this line of words: trachea and bronchi in the milk of inhaled bronchial interstitial pneumonia, pulmonary edema, congestion.
    In other words, children drink milk in the process of inhaling something into the trachea and bronchi Lane.
    这起悲剧的发生竟然是一种喂养方式上的失误,这让知道详情的人都感到可惜,方先生更是心痛与后 悔。

    The occurrence of the tragedy turned out to be a feeding mistakes, which let everyone know the details of a pity that Mr. Fang is heartache and regret.
    面对这样的悲剧,平湖妇幼保健院的专业人士给出了正确的喂养方式,一是最好用母乳喂养,因为这是最安全的喂 养方式;二是如果要用奶瓶,奶嘴的口不应开得过大,防止一次性吸入过多引起意外;三是米粉之类的辅食最好用 小勺喂,这样可以避免吸入性窒息。

    The face of such tragedy, Pinghu MCH professionals are given the correct feeding patterns, one is best to breast-feed, because it is the safest feeding methods; Second, If I want to baby bottles, pacifiers should not be the mouth open too large, to prevent excessive inhalation caused by a one-time accident; third of supplementary food like rice flour is best to use tsp Hey, would avoid inhalation asphyxia.

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    Re: China - Healthy Son Dies of Pneumonia - Feeding Procedure Blamed in Zhejiang Province

    atypical pneumonias (such as the interstitial pneumonitis of Mycoplasma pneumoniae or Chlamydia pneumoniae)