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China - Patients with pnuemonia doubled from same period last year and also "more fierce" in Jinan

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  • sharon sanders
    Re: China - Patients with pnuemonia doubled from same period last year and also "more fierce" in Jinan

    located in Shandong province

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  • China - Patients with pnuemonia doubled from same period last year and also "more fierce" in Jinan

    City's upward momentum in the proportion of patients with pneumonia 2010 Nian 01 Yue 19 Ri 04:41 Shun Net - Jinan Times
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    时报1月18日讯(记者苏珊)记者今天采访了解到,虽然近期我市流感样患者有所降低,但肺炎患者的比例却有 上升势头,与往年同期相比患病人数增多。

    Times, January 18 News (Susan) at the press interview today, learned that, despite the recent decrease in patients with influenza-like city, but the proportion of patients with pneumonia have increased the momentum of previous years, compared with an increase in the number of patients.
    专家称,这与甲流流行有一定关系,近期的流感病毒虽然传染性有所减小,但致病性更强,合并肺炎 的患者很多。

    Experts say, this is a popular stream have a certain relationship, the recent influenza virus, although the infectious somewhat reduced, but the pathogenicity stronger, a lot of consolidation in patients with pneumonia.
    ?我 们科最近接诊的季节性流感患者一直呈下降趋势,去年底流感患者占呼吸科接诊量的三成,最近下降了近一成。但 肺炎患者却增加了近一倍。?济南军区总医院呼吸 科副主任刘书盈介绍,每年1、2月份是肺炎的高发期,但今年的肺炎患者比往年同期都要多,而且病情较重,需 要治疗的时间相对较长。

    "We have also recently been admissions of patients with seasonal influenza has been a downward trend, last year accounted for Respiratory admissions of influenza patients into the amount of three, recently dropped by Jin Yicheng.

    However, patients with pneumonia have increased by nearly double." Jinan Military General Respiratory Liu Shuying, deputy director of the hospital introduced the annual 1,2 month period of high incidence of pneumonia, but this year than in previous years over the same period in patients with pneumonia should be numerous and serious condition, in need of treatment a relatively long time.

    In addition, the reporter learned from Alexander II hospital, provincial hospitals and other hospitals have learned Qianfoshan the same phenomenon.

    Liu Shuying, told reporters this year, a flow of popular, extremely cold temperatures makes the incidence of pneumonia, the trend is more fierce than in previous years.
    ?我们发现虽然去年12月份左右流感高发,但患者症状都相对较轻,出现并发症的情况不多。近期流感病例虽然 少了,但合并肺炎的却很多。这是因为病毒也在不断变异,甲流病毒比一般呼吸道病毒更易侵犯肺部。好在现在病 毒还没产生耐药性。?

    "We have found that while in December last year, about a high incidence of influenza, but the symptoms are relatively mild, there is not much of complications. The recent influenza cases, though a small, but the merger has a lot of pneumonia. This is because the virus has also been variation, A flow of respiratory virus viruses easier to abuse than the average lung. Fortunately, the virus is not resistant. "

    Experts suggest that the public can come to pneumococcal vaccination against pneumonia.
    Pneumonia in high-risk populations, including 65 years of age and older, children, recurrent upper respiratory tract persons, infirm persons.
    End of A in the vaccination of these groups at least 2 weeks after the flow of vaccine, pneumonia vaccine can be vaccinated.
    High-risk groups, after the discovery of cold symptoms to be alert, there is a continuous cough, fever and other symptoms should promptly carry out examination and treatment for pneumonia.
    At the same time focus on improving their own resistance, adjusting the personal life health habits will also help against pneumonia.