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China - More Children Have Pneumonia in Henan Province

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  • China - More Children Have Pneumonia in Henan Province

    Beware of baby cough fever pneumonia Array
    Today reported that the East
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    This reporter recently interviewed several hospitals in the provincial capital found that the children of pneumonia are more.

    Experts said that with the recent cold weather continued directly.
    ?小儿肺炎的起病一般都比较急。?郑州市中心医院儿科副主任医师刘静炎告诉记者,肺炎是婴幼儿常见病,症状 为发热、咳嗽、呼吸急促,严重的患儿会有呻吟,同时,还有精神欠佳、食欲减退、烦躁不安、易哭闹、轻度腹泻 等全身症状。

    "Onset of pneumonia in children are generally more anxious." Zhengzhou City Hospital, Dr. Jing Liu Yan, deputy director of pediatrics told reporters that pneumonia is a common disease in infants, symptoms are fever, cough, shortness of breath, severe in children will groan at the same time, There the spirit of poor, loss of appetite, irritability, crying easily, mild systemic symptoms such as diarrhea.
    ?当发现有这些症状时,家长应该及时带孩子到医院就诊。?刘静炎说,肺炎的病原菌较多,如细菌、病毒、支原 体。

    "When found to have these symptoms, parents should promptly kids to the hospital." Liu Jing-yan says that pneumonia pathogens more, such as bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma.
    Before treatment, it is best to clear pathogens, and then choose the right according to different pathogens drugs.
    ?宝宝患肺炎后,居家护理也有一些需要注意的方面。?刘静炎说,首先应该保持环境安静、整洁,以利于宝宝的 休息,其次要注意室内通风换气,保持空气清新,同时还要保持室内的温度(20摄氏度左右)和湿度(以6%为 宜)。

    "Baby suffering from pneumonia, home care there are some areas requiring attention." Liu Jing-yan said that, first of all to keep the environment should be quiet, clean, in order to facilitate the baby's rest, followed by indoor ventilation should pay attention to keep the air fresh, while maintaining indoor The temperature (20 degrees Celsius) and humidity (6% is appropriate).