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Liu baby one year old, even if my mother in her arms, still in the continually coughing.
Liu baby doctor said there is a slight bronchiolitis, or pneumonia, a kind of which require hospitalization for some time.
据了解,随着寒冬来临,淮安被诊断出患上肺炎的婴幼儿愈来愈多,在淮安市妇幼保健院甚至出现一床难求的局面 。

It is understood that, with the winter season, Huai'an was diagnosed with pneumonia in infants and young children suffering from more and more, in the Huai'an MCH even a hard situation.
昨天下午,记者在市妇幼保健院的病房区看到,11楼、12楼的病房已经人满为患,楼道里也搭起 了简易病床。

Yesterday afternoon, reporters at the city MCH hospital ward areas to see, 11th floor, 12th floor of the wards have been overcrowded, the corridor has also erected a makeshift beds.

该区的护士告诉记者,近一段时间以来,病区130多个病床一直处于满员状态,有不少患儿还在排 队等着住院。

The district nurse told reporters that the recent past, more than 130 beds, has been in a ward full member of the state, there are many children still waiting in hospital.

市妇幼保健院主任医师丁梅芳告诉记者,每年的9月底10月初到来年的3月中旬,都是感冒、肺炎等支气管类疾 病的高发期。

City MCH Hospital Chief Physician Dingmei Fang told reporters that by the end of September early October each year come mid-year in March, is cold, pneumonia, bronchial period of high incidence of diseases.

The 6 to 12 months, infants and young children are the most vulnerable to viruses group.
6~12个月的婴幼儿身体免疫力差,一方面是从母体带来的抵抗力降到最低点,另一方面婴幼儿自身的免疫力尚 未发育成熟,因此最容易受到环境的影响而发病。

6 to 12 months, infants and young children with poor immunity, the body, one is brought resistance from the mother fell to the lowest point, on the other infant's own immune system not yet mature and therefore most vulnerable to the effects of environmental disease .

2 Peas 9-year-old was diagnosed with pneumonia, but they turned out to 11 days before bed.

Bean's aunt told reporters that Doudou from 7 began a slight cough, no fever, that is, poor appetite.
Lasted for two days it will remain so, the family were anxious, they quickly sent to treatment.
经过听诊拍片后,医生确诊为肺炎,需要住院治疗半个月,但当时没有床位,只好在寒冷的天气里来回跑,一直担 心肺炎加重,幸好昨天排到了床位。
After auscultation film, the doctor diagnosed as pneumonia, and needed hospital treatment two weeks, but there was no bed in the cold weather had to run back and forth, has been worried about increased pneumonia, but fortunately they turned out of bed yesterday.
丁主任告诉记者,一般情况下,肺炎与普通感冒的症状最大的区别就是,患有肺炎的婴幼儿喘气时,声音像哨子一 样,同时伴有咳嗽,轻微运动后尤其明显。
Dingzhu Ren told reporters that, under normal circumstances, pneumonia and common cold symptoms the biggest difference is that infants and young children with pneumonia breathing, the sound of whistles, like, accompanied by cough, minor is particularly evident after exercise.

Children suffering from pneumonia, often accompanied by fever, irritability, trouble people, diarrhea and other clinical manifestations.

?有时候,孩子刚到医院时为普通病毒性感冒,在治疗过程中随时都可能转化为肺炎。?丁主任告诉记 者。
"Sometimes, the children arrived at the hospital for common viral cold, at any time during the course of treatment may be converted into pneumonia." Dingzhu Ren told reporters.
?另外,肺炎治疗没有特效药,需要临床观察病情,不断调整用药,做出相应诊治,需要一段时间才能治愈。因此 ,家长最好的方式是积极预防,降低婴幼儿患病几率。?丁主任提醒家长,预防肺炎,首要注意的就是要经常开窗 通风,保持室内空气新鲜。
"In addition, treatment for pneumonia is no cure for the need of clinical observation of the patient's condition continued to adjust medication, to make appropriate treatment, take some time to heal. Thus, parents, the best way is to actively prevent and reduce disease risk infants and young children." Dingzhu Ren to remind parents to prevent pneumonia, the primary attention is to always open the window ventilation to keep indoor air fresh.
外出时,尽量不去封闭空间和公共场所,避免让婴幼儿长时间待在空气污浊的环境中;穿衣要适度,气温变化大时 尽量不出门。
When they go out, try not to enclosed spaces and public places, avoid giving infants and young children to stay in the air a long time in a dirty environment; clothing should be appropriate temperature change is large try not to go out.
Reporter correspondent Li-Ping Jiang Li-Qin Liang