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China - "Freezing point" temperature for hospital emergency room bursting with young people, leading to severe pneumonia and influenza in Shanghai

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  • China - "Freezing point" temperature for hospital emergency room bursting with young people, leading to severe pneumonia and influenza in Shanghai

    "Freezing point" temperature for hospital emergency room bursting with young people, leading to severe pneumonia and influenza

    At 13:41 on January 7, 2010

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    Myocardial infarction, brain stem, severe pneumonia, high fever ... ... China's cold wave sweeping through the hospital emergency room for a lot of traffic in Shanghai is growing rapidly.
    记者从长海医院、市第十人民医院、同济医院等院了解到,老人、儿童、熬夜加班的年轻人成为?冰点病?主要群 体。

    The reporter learned from Changhai Hospital, Municipal 10th People's Hospital, Tongji Hospital Center learned, the elderly, children, young people who burn the midnight oil as "freezing point" disease major groups.
    到昨天,32岁的苏先生(化名)经过同济医院急诊科的抢救终于脱离危险期,他没料到,一场小小的感冒竟然会 导致重症肺炎。

    As of yesterday, 32-year-old Mr. Su (a pseudonym), Tongji Hospital emergency department after the rescue phase was finally out of danger, he did not expect, a little cold even lead to severe pneumonia.
    沪上近日因寒潮急剧降温至冰点以下,苏先生仗着年轻没有及时增加衣裤,出现感冒发烧的症状后,还硬撑着不去 医院。

    Recently, in Shanghai due to the rapid cooling to below freezing in the cold, Mr. Su has not relied on young timely addition to underwear, after the symptoms appear flu-like fever, but also their teeth not to the hospital.

    Two days after dizziness, Tuiruan, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath symptoms and the subsequent shock, by a family member to the hospital, his blood pressure was 90/60.
    同济医院急诊内科主任吴先正说,苏先生当时情况非常危险,出现了肺、肝、心、肾四个脏器的多脏器功能障碍, 拖一天就会有生命危险。

    Wu, director of Emergency Medicine, Tongji Hospital, the first being said, Mr. Su, the situation was very dangerous, there has been lung, liver, heart and kidney in four organs of the multiple organ dysfunction, delayed one day there will be life-threatening.
    吴主任说,这几天急诊中肺炎病人占比例很高,大部分是老年人,有慢性支气管炎病史的人,如果在急剧降温时没 有做好保暖,容易出现急性发作。

    Wu restricted the oxygen that the emergency in the past few days accounted for a high proportion of pneumonia patients, mostly elderly, who have a history of chronic bronchitis, if the rapid cooling did not do a good job keeping warm, prone to acute attacks.

    However, there are many patients by the end of overtime, late at night, after drinking cold entertaining due to acute pneumonia.
    昨天上午,70多岁的王老太太被120送到第十人民医院时,血压下降、胸闷气急,说一句话要喘三下,没法平 躺,只能一路坐着被送到医院。

    Yesterday morning, the 70-year-old Mrs. Wang has been sent to the Tenth People's Hospital, 120, blood pressure, chest tightness, shortness of breath, say a few words to breathe three times, unable to lie flat and can only be seated all the way to the hospital.

    Emergency Department doctor immediately for her to spend cardiac, diuretic, expand blood vessels and drugs, was able to alleviate the symptoms.

    The emergency department doctors said the brain stem occurred forty to fifty-year-old patients in the emergency department either.

    Changhai Hospital, the main emergency department to any building, said in recent days, the hospital emergency department received their sixties and seventies a day, cardio-cerebral vascular diseases.

    Urban Tenth People's Hospital Emergency Department patients each day to save up more than 40.
    专家表示,有心脑血管病史的人最近几天要注意保暖,准时吃药,控制好血压,尽量保持情绪平稳,预防感冒,以 防感染。

    Experts said were interested in the history of cerebrovascular disease were the last few days to keep warm, on-time medication, control of blood pressure, try to keep emotionally stable, to prevent a cold, to prevent infection.