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China - Surge in pediatric respiratory outpatients in Shanghai - weather and smog blamed - December 9, 2015

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  • China - Surge in pediatric respiratory outpatients in Shanghai - weather and smog blamed - December 9, 2015

    When the surge in pediatric outpatient children have been infected virus incubation period

    I want to comment December 9, 2015 07:43:58 Source: Morning News
      "Teacher, child tonsillitis, leave one week"; "The children cough and powerful, this week to not coming" ...... In recent days, many parents find that the kindergarten parents, teachers, group chat window every day by a variety of Leave scraper. Reporters from pediatrics, Xinhua has learned a number of hospitals in Shanghai, etc., coupled with the recent poor air quality in larger temperature difference between day and night, led to the recent surge in pediatric outpatients, these patients are mostly small cough, which there are many causes inflammation due to coughing Under developed into bronchitis, pneumonia.
      "Last week, more than half of the children run clinics are cough, there are many develop into pneumonia." Charity Hospital of Pediatrics director Tang Xiaoping told reporters, autumn and winter children suffering from cough is indeed very common, usually 3-7 days Cough, If there is no effective treatment, may form down the development of pneumonia. For the diagnosis of pneumonia, typical symptoms of the lungs can hear moist rales, but often did not come out at the beginning, which requires the film to diagnose. Outpatient often encountered parents do not want children to X-rays, that the film uses a radioactive substance, the child physical harm. In fact, the film used for the children in small doses, does not cause harm.
      Children's Hospital Respiratory Lu Min proposal, if it is a mild cough, parents can supervise their children drink more water, in order to increase airway mucus secretion, effectively remove particulate matter; if cough affects sleep and diet, parents may be appropriate to use cough and phlegm drugs; once persistent coughing, wheezing, and accompanied by fever, with symptoms of viral bacterial infection, you should promptly go to hospital for treatment. Window ventilation usually necessary, namely the best sunlight, window ventilation strongest ultraviolet rays at noon, when the window to avoid the morning and evening haze high concentrations.
      In this wave peak to see a doctor, many are repeatedly sick within a few months' old patient. " In this regard, experts also pointed out that many children are in the kindergarten on recurrent infections. Each disease has a latency period, the average child will be isolated only after the onset of home, in fact, when the incubation period, the virus has already infected. In fact, the child's body there is a process of recovery, after the disease symptoms need to recover at home a week to go to school more appropriate, when the child's immune system is enhanced to withstand other viruses.

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