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China - Guangdong - Shenzhen: rising number of children with cold, cough, fever

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  • China - Guangdong - Shenzhen: rising number of children with cold, cough, fever

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    October 25, 2013 Friday

    Autumn cough medicine into the classroom with many children

    Recently many students fell ill due to seasonal, DOCTOR Weapon respiratory control children

    If PAN Meng

    Shenzhen Special Zone Daily (Reporter Pan if Mongolia) cough a blockbuster drug with a good number of school children ...... the past few days, many of the school's head teacher found that cough and cold class showed a rising proportion of children, fever is one after another and leave the come. Reporters from a number of schools DOCTOR officer that is dry in the autumn is the most likely to cause lung disease season, coupled with the young infant or primary school children's resistance and defensive awareness are relatively weak and more vulnerable to disease. She also reminded, is recognized as a fever, especially influenza virus infection should be treated, must not be taken lightly.

    Prone to cold temperatures plummet

    Ms. Zhang Shenzhen eighth Kindergarten parents lead their children these days, no less run to the hospital, viral fever just under control, but there is no appetite child, what to eat, spit, anxious a person. Ms. Zhang told reporters, because a sick child can be described as one after another, they are the parents of the class group of kids these days are discussing the treatment of common cold remedy. Parents warm little one lady told reporters, the children leave the class these days there are five or six, and some fever, some coughing, some dizziness, some off three days, and some half-day off, we are very worried about just enrolled children will be affected because of illness learning progress, it is anxiety.

    Interview, a well experienced parents told reporters that summer at the junction of climate variability, while through the summer, the body consumes a larger, decreased immunity, viruses take advantage of one of the most common are respiratory diseases. Merlin kindergarten parents actively prompt medical meteorologists study confirmed that colds and meteorological factors most relevant changes in the value. Into the autumn, around the diurnal temperature are large, afternoon convective weather, as well as a wide range of cold air will cause the temperature plummeted. The sudden drop in temperature is a major cause of the fall flu.

    Parents should focus on prevention, "eat", "wear", "OK"

    "Viral colds as delaying treatment may cause pneumonia, viral myocarditis and other serious consequences, parents need to be careful, and be sure to be treated in isolation." Yantian Foreign Language Primary School Doctor Cuiling told reporters that the school to parents at the beginning of school has sent a series of preventive Flu tips, which, viral fever caused by colds are demanding their children's school to go home isolation and treatment, after the illness at school doctor also needs to review once again confirm resumption of rehabilitation before release to maximize the prevention of mass infection.

    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela