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China - Increase in patients with high fever, cough, sore throat.... for the last week in Yantai hospital, Shandong province - temperature difference blamed

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  • China - Increase in patients with high fever, cough, sore throat.... for the last week in Yantai hospital, Shandong province - temperature difference blamed

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    Yantai infectious diseases hospital yesterday held H7N9 emergency response simulation exercises
    2013-04-09 08:47 Source: Peninsula

    In the case of patients "sicker", the medical staff methodically rescue.

    reporter Wang Jie,   the last few days, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other emerging of human infection with the H7N9 avian influenza, China Hong Kong City people feel worried. If the local emergence of the H7N9 avian influenza, to designated hospitals How to prevent and respond to? On the morning of April 8, identified as emergency response simulation exercises held at the City Hospital for Infectious Diseases Sunshine City, people infected with H7N9 avian influenza admitted to the hospital, medical staff in the exercise "armed", "suspected cases" related to treatment and consultation. In addition to patients throughout the process is false, all other prevention and control procedures are in accordance really. □ cases for investigation and   whether contact with live birds have been infected area  4 the 8th morning 10 o'clock on 30 minutes, where the bird flu combat emergency drills in the City Hospital for Infectious Diseases.   A 20-year-old man holding medical records material came in from the doorway. "The past two days I have a slight fever, a sore throat, a little cough." Man finished, the nurse took out a mask for him to wear, temperature checks found he had a fever, and they asked whether he had contact with live poultry, in recent The days have not been to the affected areas, followed by registration of patient information. Fever clinics "you want to do further examination." Then, the the Vaccine Immunol nurse leader patients came to the hospital the fever clinics.   Fever clinic doctor wearing a Geli Fu, wearing helmets and medical protective masks, to see patients come in asked: "Do you come into contact with live birds? Have not been to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places? Fever lasts how long? Have What are the symptoms? "patients fifty-six days to go to Shanghai, but also contact with birds, plus he had done routine blood test and chest X-ray examination Yuhuangding Hospital, doctors determine he is likely infected with the H7N9 avian flu, need to go to the intensive care room isolation for further observation and treatment.   City Hospital for Infectious Diseases Department of Respiratory Diseases, deputy chief physician, Pan Shi Guang, said, "We epidemiological history of this patient, Been Jiangsu, Zhejiang infected areas, there is a history of contact with live poultry, coupled with the low number of white blood cells, to judge him for suspected avian influenza cases. " □ armed   medical staff wearing monkey clothing inch of skin not exposed  silver ICU medical staff wearing white coveralls, colleagues help to put on. Leotard outside sets with a layer of gowns, wearing two layers of masks, one of which is ordinary surgical masks, while another N95 masks, dark green, and the staff of the mouth and nose cover tightly . In addition, health care workers should wear protective goggles and feet also boots, put on the full set of "equipment", and requires at least 5 minutes.   City Hospital for Infectious Diseases, director of hospital infection, Song Ping said, they call this leotard "monkey clothing, staff can guarantee an inch of skin is not exposed.   Patients after admission to the intensive care unit, the doctors let him now lying on the bed, its do ECG. Lin Ling, MD, deputy director of the intensive care unit, said, "This is in order to detect the patient's oxygenation, patients lie down, we use the test paper serum samples to preserve the samples sent to the City CDC laboratory tests and diagnosed Next. "   Subsequently, the doctor for blood and other tests on patients. "We want to further sampling, to confirm whether the patient really is the H7N9 avian flu," said Lin Ling.   The drill, in the case of patients "sicker", the health care workers wear protective goggles for endotracheal intubation, and coupled with the ventilator the entire emergency drills process lasted about one hour. News   □ layers disinfected   each into a room by  health care workers have to wash your hands once again had to wash their hands and out of the intensive care unit, disinfection 1-3 minutes. The reporter noted that the medical staff to wash their hands when wearing gloves. "The gloves are dirty, must be strictly in accordance with the process." Song Ping said.   Out of the intensive care unit, the medical staff took off respirator, start off the monkey service. Take off the monkey clothing, doctors inside the clothes drenched by perspiration. Then, the medical staff and then entered another buffer, after entering, but also to wash their hands, and then disinfected. "Each into a room and you have to wash your hands again, drug elimination time, this is a must, both to protect themselves in order to prevent infection." Song Ping said.   According to clinic director Yang Fengying, the admissions physicians highly suspected attenders man infected with the H7N9 avian influenza, require immediate telephone notification area CDC sampling, laboratory-confirmed. Medical Services report to the Dean, Dean starts the hospital emergency plan, Medical Services notified the hospital clinical expert immediately rushed to the fever clinics, the arrival time of 10 minutes. After the arrival of the experts, organizational consultation, according to the patient's clinical symptoms and signs combined with popular history of a preliminary opinion. □ special disease cures   avian influenza dedicated outpatient 24 hours a day  , according to Yang Fengying introduction, City Hospital for Infectious Diseases bear negative pressure ambulance with suspected or confirmed human infection of H7N9 avian influenza patients transporter work, patient referral, referral, during transit drivers and health care workers are to take protective measures, the the patient referrals ambulance disinfection treatment immediately after the end of the referral in accordance with the requirements, to prevent cross infection.   "After receiving human infection of H7N9 avian influenza, to immediately patients revenues isolation ward, and the organization of the hospital group of experts to formulate a diagnosis and treatment based on the patient's condition, and in strict accordance with the Ministry of Health of human infection with the H7N9 avian flu clinic program (2013) specified clinic procedures and standards for scientific diagnosis, regulate the differentiation, at the same time to ensure the quality of medical writing. "Yang Fengying said, once the patient's condition is deteriorating beyond hospital treatment capacity, the timely invitation superiors expert consultation, and do its utmost to improve the cure rate, reduce mortality.   According to Yang Fengying, City Hospital for Infectious Diseases establishment of human infection with the H7N9 avian influenza dedicated outpatient, physician on duty 24 hours. Outpatient lobby set up ILI preflight triage point, to designate a person to step the preflight triage work to strengthen the monitoring of unexplained pneumonia and influenza-like illness symptoms, asked in detail about the epidemiological history of the patient. Sunshine City major hospitals flu patient surge in  

    just the common cold, has nothing to do with the H7N9  Express News (reporter paragraph Tingting) reporter April 8 learned nearly a week since the Sunshine City hospital outpatient cold sick the increasing number of patients with multiple partners high fever, cough, sore throat and other symptoms. In this regard, the doctor said, some with larger temperature difference between indoor and outdoor stop warming