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China - Hospitals crowded due to respiratory illnesses in Lu'an, Anhui province - seasonal period blamed

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  • China - Hospitals crowded due to respiratory illnesses in Lu'an, Anhui province - seasonal period blamed

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    The spring children with respiratory tract susceptible doctor reminded more ventilation wash their hands
    Lu'an News ]
      Recently, the reporter visited the city, major hospitals found that many children's cough, nasal congestion, runny nose and other symptoms of respiratory tract infection, children under 1 year old or even more severe bronchiolitis infections. The the urban individual hospitals infusion hall overcrowding, the beds were full, the pressure of the medical staff has doubled.

      March 11, 10 am, in the City People's Hospital pediatric infusion hall on the first floor, has been difficult to find a spare seat. Many of them are parents, grandfather, grandmother children around a few people around the drips. In the corridor on the first floor, can often see parents with small bamboo lug vial, with an intravenous drip in children behind. Other hospitals in the urban areas, the reporter also found a similar phenomenon.

      "From November last year to now, is prone period of respiratory diseases in children, pediatric patients reached a peak in January this year, the number of outpatient and inpatient usual when compared to an increase of about 50%, the infusion hall or even increase in the number of the 100 % at its peak, the ward had temporary extra bed. "City People's Hospital pediatric Nicholls first, chief physician of a ward, told reporters that the disease district the usual inpatient basically in about 70 people, and is currently hospitalized children up to 120 passengers. Pediatric respiratory disease has obvious seasonal Therefore, the medical personnel ready to advance, deprived of the staff from other departments, prepare medicines, and strive to make the treatment of patients enjoy better medical resources and services.