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China - Child,1, sudden death due to suspected disseminated intravasular coagulation - fever, nausea, vomiting, convulsions- Guangzhou, Guangdong province

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  • China - Child,1, sudden death due to suspected disseminated intravasular coagulation - fever, nausea, vomiting, convulsions- Guangzhou, Guangdong province

    Parents accusing the hospital of using 1 year expired medicine in this case.

    machine translation

    2-year-old child cold Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital sudden death suspected due to injection of expired drugs (Photos)

    2012 March 23, 18:00

    The incident, Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, the hospital said the boy was the cause of death are very different   "Two days ago he still alive and kicking like the common cold , and suddenly said no no? "31-year-old Hong Hanwei how to figure out. 2-year-old son Huanran little cold, yin and yang with their families, the two separated. The family of the deceased party questioned the hospital had used expired drugs to rescue for small Huanran., And may be the wrong someone else's prescription. The hospital yesterday, one by one to respond, said the boy cause of death and cold are very different families in accordance with the legal channels to solve the problem.   Yesterday, the reporter received a tip that was gathered in front of the Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, said children died in the hospital during the discussion to say to the hospital. 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene. It is understood that the deceased named **** Huan-Ran, Guangzhou boy last month just past birthday. At the hospital door, the family holding the boy's photo show to passers-by. "Yesterday at noon, he ate a bowl to see the doctor, which know this is I see the grandson of the last time." An elderly said tearfully. This will enable passers-by stopped watching, more than two hours caused by congestion, with the blessing Middle Road.   Two days ago, diagnosed with   the condition of cold small Huanran but also from a few days ago talking about.

    On the morning of March 19, Hong Hanwei son some hot forehead, they took him to a home near the Haizhu District People's Hospital for treatment, "medical examination, the child's flu, opened a number of conventional medicine." However, over 2 days condition in Huanran still not improved to 21 noon, the body convulsion, a body temperature, and threaten Hong Hanwei couple hop, "fever to the forty several times, immediately took him to the Haizhu District People's Hospital emergency room.

    "Taking into account the smaller Haizhu District People's Hospital, Hong Hanwei call the 120 requirements of referral. Then small Huanran be transferred to the Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital.   Five hours to save died   at 14:20 on the 21st Xu the small Huanran was sent to the City, Red Cross Hospital emergency room. Later became involved in the treatment of Dr Mak said that when she saw the small Huanran, "he fever 40.1 ° C, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and intermittent convulsions. Was to determine the infection of the central nervous system." Subsequently, medical personnel, the child cooling, rehydration. Blood tests and the CT in the emergency room. "Platelets was relatively low, normal white blood cells, low sodium, potassium; CT shows no abnormal temporarily." Dr Mak recalled.   5:00 pm, the small Huanran was rushed to the pediatric ward of Building 6. Hong Hanwei said, kick down the bottle after wards, but also scored two son anal enema drug. Enema drug is the sedative chloral hydrate, because the patient was in pain, the children of this age this drug is relatively safe, the amount is in accordance with the child's age and weight used. "Dr Mak said, no problem with sedatives.   A child defecation Notify me hear the doctor's orders, Hong Hanwei anxiously waited at the bedside, about 5 minutes, the children really defecation, he rushed to the office to call a doctor, when he returned, his son's situation that he surprise, the children face suddenly turned pale. "   

    This argument has been Dr Mak confirmed, the patient breathing and heartbeat stop, rescued after 15 minutes, heart rate recovery. we contact the blood bank about plasma 6:00, but 6:30 respiratory another heartbeat stop, nasal cavity and a lot of blood. "50 pm to 7 pm that night, small Huanran, the end result of the rescue invalid, left this world forever.   Family members to mention 4:00 questioned   . still have breath to give up the rescue?   Children suddenly dying, the doctors rescue for a while, and later the doctor said there was no heartbeat, give up rescue, but my sister-in-law to touch the child's nose, and found still breathing. "The family of the deceased said that the rescue interrupted for half an hour, followed by family members found that there are still breath. In the urging of family members, doctors and rescue more than half an hour.   Medical Services deputy director Li Aiguo made ​​a very different answer, "We have rescued more than 1 hours, medical record, more than one hours without interruption." Tang Zhuren claimed that the families of children there breathing has been when the 8:00, "the aunt of a child to the hospital, requiring rescue once again, the hospital did so."   use of expired drugs in the treatment?   When small Huanran killed, the families had to rake the pediatric rescue medicine chest of the room, which actually found three boxes of expired drugs. "I saw the doctor put inside the drug injected into the bottle, we see that they expired drugs to enter my son in vivo." In a photo provided by the Hong Hanwei, the reporter saw three boxes of drugs for dopamine hydrochloride injection (valid until December 2011), mesylate, phentolamine injection (valid until June 2010) and adrenaline hydrochloride injection (valid until September 2010, the red pen to 2011 October).   

    The Shaoke Zhang said the hospital had not yet received the photos of the expired drugs, and family members to the hospital. "Yesterday, the medical records and all agents and articles archive, hope the families of archived items sent to the relevant bodies of their detection. Hospital first aid kit of drugs every day to check the signature, so the family said" expired drugs "is not our hospital has not expired, remains to be verified." are used for the photo three kinds of drugs, the hospital admitted rescue.   3 misuse other people's prescription?   Yesterday morning, the families organize the child medical records to find which folders have a girl named Chen Guo medical records, medical records, diagnostic girl suffering from bronchitis. "We suspect that the doctors wrong medical records of the wrong drug, claiming the lives of children." Pages of medical records on the back of their families, says "This file is the hospital to provide disease information to more than a decade of the deceased **** Huanran family members which a copy of the originals. "under the signature of Medical Services, deputy director Li Aiguo and Medical Services, Red Chapter.   For the child's medical records within it a one bronchopneumonia girl's medical history, the hospital has admitted. "Tang Zhuren medical records generally side rescue the patient side of writing, was the first aid, and attend to the written records, in complete the rescue, ready to write, "The family came on to grab the archived patient records of a hospital, that is, this girl is actually a waste of medical records, said at the time they want to take away." The   rescue of 4 doctors before drink wine?   According to the families of party that night they went to the hospital's pediatric office to call a doctor, I saw a doctor sitting in the office, flushed, the body with an alcohol.   Not drink wine , "he said that he is a pediatrician, although I'm not sure he is my son's doctor, but how can there be drinking at work?" Tang Zhuren said he was involved in the rescue can be determined to rescue the doctor . "It was after hours, more people public security, the health sector were also some of our staff and the families of the side has come in hospitals are being investigated, do not rule out the possibility of access to drinking alcohol office. "   hospital: not death due to common cold look autopsy restore the truth   yesterday afternoon, the hospital Medical Services Shaoke Chang Tang Zhuren, pediatric face to see the media. Children brought before the Red onset two days before the doctor three times in two hospitals. Yesterday came in a coma, red rescue to 7:50 announced clinically dead, family members difficult to accept, to produce do not understand the cause of disputes. "the Shaoke Zhang said.   
    For family members said the boy suffering from a cold to the death of Tang Zhuren respond: "the children admitted to hospital a short time, we do not diagnose the cause of death in the end, initially suspected central nervous system infection, septic shock, disseminated intravascular coagulation death by a viral infection, bacterial infection, and colds are very different. "   "public security department, the health sector has been in front of the families of patients, all items sealed up, and we hope can be closed, the spot check, and then sent to detection of the inspection department, and restore the truth. "the Shaoke Zhang said the hospital will carefully analyze the medical records to confirm the rescue process, there is no problem, family members can help the hospital and dissect the bodies of children, an objective conclusion, to restore the truth of the matter. "If you can not, they can only medical evaluation in accordance with the relevant policies, litigation." Source Xinhua)

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