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China - Fujian Province Health Dept Advice on How to Prevent and Treat "Air conditioning" disease

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  • China - Fujian Province Health Dept Advice on How to Prevent and Treat "Air conditioning" disease

    Office of the Secretary of Health in: air conditioning disease prevention entire Raiders 10-07-14 08:38 Source: Sina health [comment] [10]

    The office bright and clean white-collar family, but few thought that the office is a beautiful healthy traps, numerous minor problems overlooked because people lingering Over time and offices into the endless suffering to the great white-collar family problems. Sina Health special dispatch, "Office of the Secretary of Health in the" come to being, each from one side of the small problems, we have white-collar office life for the escort.

    The hot summer months, air-conditioning gave rise to bursts of cool, but also bring nagging air conditioning disease. Some say he has "Air conditioning disease", in fact, misunderstood this "disease." In fact, "Air conditioning disease" does not mean too much for their air conditioner, make the body symptoms respond, but to blow air through a long decline caused by bodily functions.

    The main symptoms of disease due to air conditioning the adaptability of each differ. Generally not reflected chills, fatigue, limb muscle and joint aches, headache, back pain, can cause serious Kouyanwaixie. World Health Organization, these symptoms as "Sick building syndrome" and with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and obesity include human health, the common blacklist of 10 killer.

    Here are the three parts of air conditioning favorite attack:

    Respiratory body bone fragile

    Respiratory tract, under the air conditioning is the most fragile and break the respiratory air-conditioning when the vulnerability of "defense", ranging from cough, sneezing, runny nose, cold symptoms or upper respiratory tract, air conditioning cause more serious lower respiratory tract disease, pneumonia .

    In particular, in the central air conditioning to work, study, central air conditioning Henshi He Legionella transmission, incubation period is about 2-12 days, if not treated will continue to fever, dry cough, chills playing but can also Yin Wei died of respiratory failure.

    In addition, although the room cool, but the humidity is too low, this is one eye, nasal mucosa were negative. Meanwhile, house dust, dust mites are not out of circulation, those with allergies who still prone to allergic reactions.

    Also short-circuit the brain

    Often heard often sit in air-conditioned room and said "I feel dizzy, see stars, but also forgetful" of the class. In fact, this is commonly caused by the air conditioning disease reaction of brain imbalance. (no wonder Floridians had "hanging chad" problems en masse! s.)

    Air conditioning in addition to cause a cold, the brain injuries are quite serious. The air with negative ions can inhibit the central nervous system, relieve brain fatigue. Air conditioning has absorbed too much negative ions, so that the house more and more positive ions, positive and negative imbalance can also make people follow the disorder of brain system imbalance. (What! s.)

    If indoor air is let you dizziness, nausea, then the car air-conditioning of brain damage on the drivers are added to the somewhat dangerous. Many drivers used to open air, sometimes inexplicable to feel tired, headache, varying degrees of hands and feet numbness, drowsy summer have been easy, mind refuses to write, Feeling Awful, too easily lead to accidents. (???? s.)

    Joints, stomach cold should strike

    Young people often do not pay attention to air-conditioning caused by joint pain, but they have such a long air-conditioning blowing the wrong way. Summer air temperatures high, it is generally less wear, severe indoor air conditioner blowing, this low temperature will stimulate the rapid contraction of blood vessels, leading to joint damage, the cold, pain, such as neck and back stiffness, back and pain in the limbs, hands and feet cold numbness.

    In addition, the room is too "cold" may easily lead to reduced gastrointestinal motility, with summer Tan Liang, eat cold, inside and outside the intestinal tract were "cold" control, a lot of people pulling and vomiting not surprising.

    Young women most vulnerable to menstrual disorders. Many white-collar women in the low temperature air conditioning all day, the same time to wear short skirts, have been relatively weak in body, hands and feet cooling rapidly, resulting in vasomotor disorders. This cold stimulus is likely to affect ovarian function, so that ovulation occurs obstacles, menstrual disorders or severe stomach pain.

    10 ways not to disease as long as the air-conditioning

    1. Attention to ventilation, open the windows every day should be regular, close air-conditioning, increased air ventilation to maintain a certain indoor fresh air. Epidemic prevention departments, according to the determination of 10-minute window, you can put a 80 square meters room air for once.

    Where air-conditioned room equipped with copiers, printers and other equipment, specializing in this type of professional people, work should open the windows or install exhaust fan to ensure ventilation.

    2. More out. In case of a break between work, make sure to go to outdoor moment. First event in a cool place while, in the body to adapt to the sunlight after the event; if long in air-conditioned indoors, should go to outdoor activities, drink plenty of water, speed up body metabolism.

    3. Air-conditioned room and outdoor natural temperature should not be too large, no more than 5 degrees is appropriate, best not to sleep at night with air conditioning, turn off air conditioning when safer sleep before going to bed in outdoor activities.

    4. Do not let the cold air vent blowing directly on the body, when the sweat is best not to direct chilling by cold air, so cooling down too fast, is easy to disease.

    5. Prohibited smoking indoors.

    6. To keep the skin clean. As the frequent air-conditioned environment, hot and cold mutant, the bacteria easily attached to the skin or sebaceous glands within the block, causing purulent infection, it should always take a bath, to keep the skin clean.

    7. Use of disinfectants and prevent microbial growth.

    8. Do not open the car in stagnant air to prevent carbon monoxide emitted by automobile engine back inside the vehicle and a carbon monoxide poisoning.

    9. In the workplace attention to dress, and should meet the requirements warm air in the environment.

    10. The air conditioning to 26 degrees Celsius, which optimizes the illness is not easy.

    Office lady: air conditioning do not know your sexy

    A long time in air-conditioned room environment, and repeatedly cold, easily cause neck and shoulder, muscle fiber damage. Especially

    Women generally wear less in summer, texture is relatively thin, if the office air-conditioning temperature is low, the body is relatively weak long stay in the office of women is very easy to catch cold, especially in wearing apparel such as dresses and suspenders women is waist shoulder will feel pain, very uncomfortable.

    In fact, the air conditioning is also an endocrine disease syndrome, if not pay attention to the long run can easily lead to a lot of discomfort, such as long-term cold stimulation, may affect women's ovarian function, resulting in menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, etc., affecting normal life.

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    Often wear strapless, halter the beauty of women, they built air-conditioned room, likely to cause frozen shoulder, which led to cervical degenerative changes occur. Preparation of an air-conditioned room is best to dress high collar to protect the neck from the cold and try to avoid using both air conditioning and fans.

    Therefore, air-conditioning in the office environment to the female friend a few suggestions:

    1, to avoid short skirts, thick point can spare clothes in the side

    2, avoid prolonged direct air blowing body parts

    3, the work activities of the body proper rest interval

    4, to avoid cold drinks, try drinking warm

    5, peacetime training, to strengthen health

    6, warm water bath, fend off the cold vacuum

    Once the patients suffering from air conditioning, you can take Huoxiangzhengqi water treatment. In addition, the method can also be therapeutic.

    Car owners: Do not engage in exterior 冰火两重天

    Car owners should be aware of the following two points: 1. Automotive suspended should be advised to avoid prolonged use of air conditioning, generally not more than one hour is appropriate; 2. For a long time use of air conditioners, will have to use outside air circulation device, should be crack open the windows appropriate to ensure the interior air fresh.

    Blazing summer sun with air conditioner compared to the vehicle interior temperature and very different, causing some drivers find it difficult to adapt to hot and cold body of significant temperature change, prone to colds. So it should be a constant air temperature.

    Constant temperature, the best criteria: internal and external temperature control vehicle within 5 ℃, the maximum not more than 7 ℃, in this temperature range, the human body and flexible body Wenzhong Shu can be adjusted freely; if the temperature exceeds this limit, the body would be difficult to adaptation, physical symptoms will appear.

    Meanwhile, the vehicles equipped with air conditioners, good sealing performance. Air-conditioning work, replace the interior air more than the normal 2 to 5 times, or even 8 times. Most people in this environment there will be a few hours feeling dizziness, fatigue, and memory will decline. If a vehicle is not driving the use of air conditioners, the more dangerous. Because the air conditioner work will enter the engine exhaust gas of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the car.

    Eat stress point can not be air sick leave to stay

    Wind heat type: fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy throat, pain

    Patients with fever, micro aversion to cold, nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy throat, sore, red, dry, want of water, coughing yellow phlegm, thin white tongue coating, floating pulse number, should choose Xinliang divergence, light and easily digestible food Diet.

    Sang Ju Fritillaria tea

    【Material】 100 grams of mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum 50 grams, 50 grams of Fritillaria.

    【Method】 system will study the material for the rough end of the yarn bag-packing, each bag of 15 grams, each with a bag into the cup, brewed with boiling water, frequently drink.

    【Features】 The party food is also medicine for headache, fever, stuffy nose cough symptoms in patients with air-conditioning.

    Soy bean curd soup onion

    【Material】 tofu 250 grams, 12 grams of Semen, very light blue 15 grams, spices amount.

    【Method】 system first tofu cut into small pieces, added SSP Drainage cook, boil for 10 minutes, re-entry very light blue, boil for a moment, the hot food.

    【Features】 This product is applicable to heat, thirst, throat and other symptoms in patients with air-conditioning.

    Cold type: aversion to cold, fever, no sweating, headache

    Manifested as chills, fever, no sweating, headache, whole body aches, nasal obstruction, hoarseness, sneezing, clear nasal discharge, a small amount of sputum A thin, thin white fur, floating and tight pulse. Xin Wen divergence should use the light easily digestible food and herbs.

    Health ginger coriander

    【Materials】 coriander (cilantro) 10 grams, 10 grams of ginger.

    【Method】 system will be cleaned chopped coriander, ginger slices washed. First ginger into the pot, add water bowl, on the fire to boil for 2 minutes, then add the fresh coriander and spices instantly leaves the pot.

    【Features】 product can be locked in the cold evil through the body up on the table, but also cold stomach, nausea, and also have a therapeutic effect.

    Shushi type: headache head weight, body weight drowsiness, chest tightness Oue

    Poor performance for the body heat, micro aversion to cold, sweating and hot understand, headache and weight, body weight drowsiness, chest tightness Oue, loss of appetite, mouth fresh and sticky, urine red short, yellow and greasy fur, pulse How. Heat solution should select the table, Qu Shu dampness easy digestion and absorption of food and herbs.

    Lentils lotus leaf congee

    【Materials】 beans (shelled) 15 grams, Xian Heye 1, 100 grams of japonica rice, sugar amount.

    【Method】 The system of japonica rice and lentils Amoy washed with water porridge. When porridge cooked, add the right amount of sugar, stir, cover hot porridge with lotus leaf surface, until the porridge was pale green, abandoned lotus leaf and serve immediately.

    【Features】 The product is applicable to the first heavy fever, abdominal nausea diarrhea, nausea, poor appetite and other symptoms in patients with air-conditioning.

    Sam Sun Tea

    【Material】 Fresh Huoxiang 15 grams, 15 grams of fresh Perrin, 20 grams of fresh mint.

    【Method】 system will shamisen chopped raw material, into the pot, the tea with boiling behalf.

    【Features】 The product type of air conditioning for Shushi exogenous disease have some benefit.

    Small coup: rice porridge cold air against the disease

    Against the air-conditioning, He Yu is a good approach to nutrition. He Yu can increase appetite, to add strength to the body to replenish moisture, prevent constipation, but also to prevent the flu, to prevent throat dryness, tone stomach.

    Porridge with a casserole of course the best, but a "working slowly and deliberately," the things they can not pay for the time office workers. Thus, cold rice porridge, not only save time, nutrition is not lost.

    Aohao porridge, the additional point to remember sesame oils, which flavor is not only attractive appetite and help digestion and absorption of food. Sesame sesame oil is very rich in nutrients, it is rich in vitamin E, can promote cell division and aging functions.

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