Jiangmen government regulations: the incidence of avian flu patients within 48 hours of treatment with Tamiflu
Provincial Health Commission Deputy Director Liu Guanxian led the city to carry out supervision, said the current prevention and control of human infection in the city H7N9 epidemic situation is grim, the next step to be "three five", that is, five "in place" (attention in place (Centralized monitoring, concentration of patients, focus on experts, focus on resources, focus on treatment), the five "early", "five" and "centralized", "training" in place, the source air defense "1110" system in place, technology and drug security in place) (Early vigilance, early detection, early reporting, early diagnosis, early treatment).

City CDC relevant person in charge at the meeting analysis, the city recently H7N9 epidemic than in previous years at least one month earlier, in the past winter and spring H7N9 cases starting time in January or February, the starting in December last year. The scope of the epidemic has expanded, in addition to Enping, the other cities (districts) have case reports. In December last year, the average age of 3 cases was 49 years, 1 case of hypertension, the other 2 cases of health, while the average age of 10 cases before the age of 57 years, 5 patients had a more serious underlying disease.

The meeting noted that, according to existing evidence, poultry exposure is one of the causes of H7N9 cases of onset, over the age of 55 is susceptible. To raise the awareness of the masses in the epidemic period as soon as possible after the flu to the regular medical treatment, medication as soon as possible. Avian flu patients must be within 48 hours of onset of Tamiflu treatment, to avoid delaying the disease....http://gd.qq.com/a/20170114/007449.htm