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China - "Urgent need for pneumococcal vaccination of children"

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  • China - "Urgent need for pneumococcal vaccination of children"

    Here needs to be emphasized that, although a quarter of the children to carry pneumococcus, but they are not will be the disease, but the decline in immunity when or when infected with influenza may induce disease, but experts also pointed out that the pneumococcal disease, nor is it very hard to detect, for example, vaccination is the most effective and one of the most direct means of prevention.
    在流感季节,三岁以下孩子可能会同时面临流感和肺炎球菌疾病的双重威胁,那么在这个时候接种肺炎球菌疫苗就 比其他的季节来的更为紧迫。
    In the influenza season, children under the age of three may be the same time, flu and pneumococcal disease, faces the dual threat, then at this time pneumococcal vaccination than the other seasons come more urgent.
    同期:中国疾病控制中心流行病学首席专家 曾光 在得了甲流的人变成重症和危重病人中,其中一个非常重要的原因是合并症,而合并症里细菌感染是合并症最主要 的,而细菌感染里头排第一位的就是肺炎球菌。
    Over the same period: Chinese Center for Disease Control epidemiologist, chief expert has won a light stream of people into a severe and critical patients, one of the very important reason is that complications, while complications where bacterial infection is the most important complications, The bacterial infection inside the first row is the pneumococcus.
    In a child's mouth where it makes sense, but it might not work normally, but put down with the flu-channel open.
    It if and influenza, in particular, and a flow of synergy is now found to be a very important factor in the.
    解说:增光说,目前我国还没有为三岁以下儿童接种的甲流疫苗,但三岁以下儿童可以接种肺炎球菌疫苗,因此婴 幼儿及时接种肺炎球菌疫苗非常必要。
    Commentary: A credit to said that at present China has not yet for the vaccination of children under the age of three streams of a vaccine, but children under three years old can be vaccinated with pneumococcal vaccine for infants and young children, therefore a timely manner pneumococcal vaccination is essential.
    The current pneumococcal vaccine in children has been in many countries and regions in the world, the government pays the bill to include children in immunization programs.
    在北京它已被列入儿童免疫规划里的二类疫苗,但属于完全自费自愿接种疫苗,每针价格为860元,婴幼儿需连 续接种4针才可获得终身对肺炎球菌的免疫。
    In Beijing, it has been included in the immunization program for children inside the second-class vaccine, but which are entirely voluntary vaccination at their own expense, the price of each pin 860 million infants and young children need to be approved for continuous inoculation four-pin lifelong pneumococcal immunization.