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China - Guangdong intends to set up tourism Emergency Committee

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  • China - Guangdong intends to set up tourism Emergency Committee

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    Guangdong intends to set up tourism Emergency Committee

    Date: [2016-01-07]

    "Guangdong Provincial Tourism emergency plan" invites you to make suggestions, clear provisions should be combined with maximum carrying capacity of scenic tourists, in favor of an emergency evacuation

    Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau yesterday released the official website of the "Guangdong Provincial Tourism emergency response plan," the draft. Overall consists of emergency contingency plans, coastal tourism emergency plans, flood and drought contingency plans wind frost, public health emergency contingency plans for the four parts of the emergency plan. From now until February 4, the public can submit feedback Provincial Tourism Bureau of Industry Management Department in writing or in electronic form. According to the draft, once travel emergency occurs, the first basic principles of emergency treatment that is "doing everything possible to provide relief, assistance to tourists."

    ■ Express reporter Lijia Wen

    Emergency Committee set up in the provincial government

    Draft reports, the Guangdong Provincial Tourism emergency management organization system, the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Emergency Committee set up in the provincial government, the provincial government headed by the deputy director of the governor. Provincial Tourism Office of Emergency Management is located in the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Tourism Bureau director concurrently, under the Provincial Tourism public emergency teams, the provincial emergency team coastal tourism, the provincial flood control and cold wind and frost and emergency teams Other types of travel emergency teams.

    According to the draft, the specific travel emergencies, including natural disasters, tourist casualties caused by accidents and disasters, public health emergencies travelers casualties caused by travel social safety incidents caused by the incident, as well as tourism festivals accident and involved Other possible or has caused casualties or major property damage emergencies tourists.

    After the incident escalation within 2 hours

    Draft noted that the basic principles of tourism emergency treatment first is "people-oriented, first aid, in dealing with travel emergencies to protect the lives and safety of tourists headed to the principle of doing everything possible to provide relief for tourists ,Rescue".

    Followed by territorial ambulance, nearby disposal. County government led by the incident, the incident to the relevant departments responsible for coordination of the tourism sector emergency rescue work, to mobilize all forces, and strive in the shortest time damage and loss will be reduced to a minimum.

    In addition, the tourism administration departments at all levels in the province at the time of receipt of the relevant travel emergency relief report is required in accordance with the level of travel accident emergencies, should be within two hours after the incident escalation to higher authorities, industry authorities and relevant units, and timely manner and deal with the aftermath work-related. Progressively larger and more incidents reported to the relevant provincial departments, the general principle of accidents reported to the municipal level by level (including Shunde) the relevant departments.

    In information transparency and the protection of privacy, the draft requirements, tourism management departments at all levels received reports about events and handling events rescue process, the families should be promptly to the event, inform event information and processing unit case, through the kind of media and channels to the public informed of relevant information. At the same time effectively protect the privacy of the parties and their associated event staff shall be inviolable.

    ■ focus

    Tourism public health emergencies proposed four points

    Express News Guangdong Provincial Tourism public health emergency contingency plans for the resort, hotel, travel agency clarified their responsibilities in public health emergencies in. According to the definition of plans, ranging from tourism to public health emergencies, including major infectious diseases, mass unexplained diseases, major food poisoning, new infectious diseases. According to the severity, controllability and influence, tourism public health emergencies into Ⅳ stage (general), Ⅲ grade (larger), grade Ⅱ (major) and grade Ⅰ (particularly important) four grades.

    Resorts To discourage entry into suspected outbreaks

    ED believes that there are three major tourist attractions duties in responding to public health. First, it is reasonable to arrange tours. Scenic tour should be combined with the actual situation and the maximum carrying capacity of tourists, avoid tourists at a time or space is too concentrated, the tourist season should raise the alert level. Good coordination arrangements for tourists to visit, and rational planning the tour route, increase tour efficiency, avoid congestion, help tourists in case of emergency evacuation, while avoiding the spread of germs and viruses and other public health events diffused in the resort in the scenic area.

    In addition, when an outbreak, the area (point) in the process of tourists into the area procedures, to observe and ask, detection of outbreaks or suspected outbreaks of symptoms guest workers, should discourage their embarkation into the area or tourism facilities, and immediately reported to the competent departments and health and epidemic prevention departments. If the resort is more serious public health events, we should take measures to temporarily shut down to reduce the public health event to bring more tourists and resorts harm.

    Sudden major infectious diseases emergency rescue disposal program

    According to the draft, when the tourist groups suspected of major infectious diseases during the trip, or find a tourist destination have suspected major infectious diseases, accompanying tour guide should first be immediately reported to the local health and epidemic prevention departments, subject to arrangements, while the Local tourism emergency response agencies report, and provide details of the team.

    Travel team where city and county (district) travel agency after receiving emergency epidemic situation report, to actively cooperate with local health and epidemic prevention departments for the team of tourist hotel accommodation disinfection epidemic prevention work, do a good job to appease tourists, publicity work .

    If the health and quarantine departments to make the travel team must decide on the spot isolated observation, subsequent tour itinerary must be postponed or canceled travel team where city and county (district) travel emergency coordination mechanism to actively deal with tourists and other accommodation logistical support, while the Provincial Tourism Office of Emergency Management to report the situation and promptly informed of the situation tour of the city or county (district) travel emergency agencies.

    In the epidemic by the health and epidemic prevention department official confirmed cases, the travel team where the city and county (district) travel emergency agencies should actively cooperate with the local health and epidemic prevention departments for disinfection and epidemic prevention work, according to the team's travel itinerary to the team after City, county (district) travel emergency agencies informed of the situation, in order to take timely measures related to prevention; early return to the starting team has need of emergency travel agency to assist the relevant departments to do the booking of travel tickets and travel vaccination etc., until the overall transfer to the departure tours travel agency.

    Provincial Tourism public health emergency response team after receiving epidemic report, it should urge the team in the province through which the city and county (district) travel emergency mechanism related to disinfection and epidemic prevention work to do. At the same time should be promptly reported to the Provincial Tourism Office of Emergency Management, the Provincial Tourism Office of Emergency Management reported to the provincial tourism Emergency Committee and the National Tourism Administration, coordinated by the provincial government related to the city and county (district) and departments for emergency rescue work.

    Send your feedback channel

    Tel: 020-87513750

    Fax: 020-87513630


    Address: Guangzhou Huangpu Road West, No. 463

    Postal Code: 510630

    Coastal Tourism intends to publish a warning message blue yellow orange

    Express News coastal tourism emergency plans, and intends to use blue (to provide information), yellow (Hint Note), orange (advised not to travel), and red (warning not to travel) of coastal tourism emergency warning information release.

    According to the design plan, Guangdong Province coastal tourism emergency team belongs Provincial Tourism Office of Emergency Management, which will be integrated judged Provincial Emergency Office, the provincial Water Resources Department (province three office), provincial committee, Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, weather warning information release coastal tourism information base Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the South China Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration and other departments to provide on the community and make changes based on the development and the subsequent lifting of the coastal disaster situations. Scope plans include typhoons, rainstorms and other weather disasters, drowning and water sports tourists accidents.
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