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Supervision of Shijiazhuang animal sampling

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  • Supervision of Shijiazhuang animal sampling

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    Hebei Urban Network

    Stone City, 371 milk stations fitted with full electronic monitoring and control
    "Double" period will be centralized supervision of Shijiazhuang animal sampling

    (Reporter Pan Shuang-Qing) Sitting in the office of Xinji Animal Husbandry Bureau, the mouse gently point, by monitoring the video at any time to see the city's Office of the dairy milking the situation. It is reported that the city has 371 milk stations to install electronic monitoring equipment, accounting for 96.3% of milk stations, of which Xinji, Gaocheng also achieved with the dairy animal husbandry bureau electronic surveillance network.

    Yesterday morning, the city's animal husbandry and fishery product quality and safety supervision on-site meetings held in Xinji City, participants on-site to watch the animal Xinji quality testing station, milk station electronic monitoring system, grid-based regulation and market access for livestock products and so on, Xinji , Luquan, line Tang, Yuhua gave a typical speech.

    It was noted that pigs Clenbuterol and milk β-lactamases, leather hydrolyzed protein is currently the city's two major animal products quality and safety risks, all counties (cities) and districts must seize the key and continue to enhance the quality of live pigs and milk security control. Further improve the mechanism to continue to promote market access for livestock work. Treating the symptoms and continue to promote animal safety improvement action. Effectively strengthen the city's farms, feed, veterinary drugs and other inputs of production enterprises, milk stations, the implementation of market access, animal husbandry and fishery products market, such as animal disease prevention and control-free cracks, full coverage of the centralized rectification. Crack down on illegal production, sale and use of melamine, solution of anti-agent, "Clenbuterol", Lake dopamine, Sudan and other illegal additives offenses. The size of farms to strengthen the supervision, standardize production records, medication records and sales records, records management, establish a sound and comprehensive system of animal and product traceability. Strengthen the meat market supervision, standardize quarantine origin, increase sampling efforts to ensure meat safety. To continue its fall against the work of the highly pathogenic avian influenza, highly pathogenic blue-ear pig disease, animal foot and mouth disease, swine fever, Brucellosis five diseases compulsory immunization. To ensure that "double" the capital market during the quality and safety of animal products, from now to October 10, to the capital markets, livestock and livestock centralized supervision and sampling.
    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela