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China made great contribution to the World Medical

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  • China made great contribution to the World Medical

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    China made great contribution to the World Medical

    At 08:25 on September 23, 2009

    This year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China's medical and health sector have also come together with the Republic of 60 years away. You can sum up these 60 years, the development of China's medical and health history and achievements do?

    Bard Year: Generally speaking, 60 years, medical and health undertakings in our country has made tremendous progress. This is mainly reflected in the average life expectancy and death of disease spectrum in two ways.

    First from the average life expectancy is concerned, the liberation of the initial average life expectancy is only 37 years old, while the current average life expectancy in China has reached 71-72 years of age.

    Second, the current threat of China's people's lives and health of the most serious diseases has been reduced from plague, smallpox, cholera and other major infectious diseases, translates into unhealthy lifestyles and aging caused by cardio-cerebral vascular diseases and cancer, chronic diseases.

    Looking at Chinese medical and health sector development in the 60 years, I think it can be divided into two phases.

    The first stage is from the liberation to the "Cultural Revolution" period, this stage of China's medical and health sector progress has been very significant. Not only to control infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, drug abuse and other basic eradication, health and medical organizations at all levels of the basic sound and has played a very good role. Described as the World Bank and other organizations with less than 2% of the world's health resources to solve 22% of the world's population and health issues.

    The early 50s of last century, the Chinese Tang Fei, etc. where the first to find the cause trachoma. Then, in 1958, Shanghai Second Medical University successfully treated with a 97% body burns the skin of workers in Shanghai, which was a medical miracle. Since then, research and treatment in the burn areas, the Chinese people has been in the world's leading position and continue to make this area a very large contribution. The early 60s of last century, Union Hospital, obstetrics and gynecology Song Hongzhao first proposed the use of chemotherapy and other drugs choriocarcinoma. The treatment method can not only cure choriocarcinoma women, but can be cured after the birth.

    In 1963, Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital surgeon, Mr. Boris Chan will be the world's first successful replantation of a broken hand. Mr. Boris Chan was also affectionately known as "father of replantation of the world's arm." Since then, the broken hand, broken limbs, severed fingers (toes) become the field of replantation of bone proud of the place of science in the world.

    The second stage is from the "Cultural Revolution" late to the present. "Cultural Revolution", especially after the reform and opening up, China's medical and health sector, there has been new development. At that time, Chinese scientists have reviewed the survey methodology used to map out China's incidence of cancer of the map, with on-site, laboratory, clinical combination of methods to study the level of esophageal cancer in China and its results by the world's attention.

    China, the world's highest incidence of liver cancer, but the treatment of small hepatocellular carcinoma and liver cancer, the level and ability to best in the world. 2 academicians of China - Shanghai Medical College Professor Tang Zhaoyou, Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery of Professor Wu Mengchao, in this field has contributed not only to China, but also for the world to make a contribution.

    In the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, the Shanghai Second Medical College Professor Wang Zhenyi from the beginning to the later disciples of Chen Zhu, Sai-Juan Chen, who used retinoic acid to induce differentiation of the ways in which patients receive better treatment. Subsequently, they and Harbin Medical University, to take advantage of arsenic trioxide on acute myeloid leukemia treatment, the results can be almost completely cure the disease. The level of their cure rate and cure has been acknowledged worldwide. Zhen-Yi Wang was awarded the United States Kettering Prize for this and many other areas of cancer research in the world title.

    In addition, our invention cure for the treatment of malaria - artemisinin and its improved version - are still in tropical regions such as Africa to play an important role, by WHO (World Health Organization) is a high degree of praise.

    Since reform and opening up, China's level of medical treatment have greatly improved, and is currently well positioned to complete liver transplant, heart transplants and other organ transplants, brain surgery, heart surgery and the involvement of a variety of medical treatment has been done quite well. Now, few foreign countries and China can not rule can cure the disease.

    While ago, I, as leader of the team made a special trip inspection inspector "major infectious diseases special" in progress. In my view, to deal with emergent infectious diseases in China has done pretty well. China in dealing with influenza A H1N1 influenza capability when dealing with in 2003, when SARS is simply worlds apart.

    Influenza A H1N1 virus infection in China for sensitive detection method than the United States CDC entered 10 times or even several times higher. At present, as long as the emerging infectious diseases or suspected cases of infectious disease cases, the State CDC will be able to know immediately. We have an excellent and effective infectious disease prevention and control system and its network of laboratories monitoring network. Harvard School of Public Health Dean has personally said to me: "You are the best one (the best)!"

    In addition, after 2006, China has been in molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, neuroscience, clinical medicine published a number of areas such as high-quality articles, demonstrating we have in life science, life significant progress in the field of medicine. This is also the most prominent since the reform and opening up the progress.

    At present, some medical scientists in the world emerge. Quite a lot of international magazine editorial board, an international conference was chaired by the Chinese people to play. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, the United States, the British Royal Society, etc. The number of foreign academicians are also growing.
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    Norman Bethune have said it loud and clear, it is not about money, it is not about passion, it is about Trust, Belief, Hope, Safe-Side Rational, Common-Sense.................