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Ministry of Public Security Authority: A stream to prevent the spread of the epidemic to disturb social order

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  • Ministry of Public Security Authority: A stream to prevent the spread of the epidemic to disturb social order 2009 Nian 09 Yue 17 Ri 18:05 China News Net

    Xinhua BEIJING, September 18 against the spread of Influenza A H1N1 influenza epidemic trend, Ministry of Public Security Authority has issued a notice requiring local public security departments attach great importance to the epidemic on the social order and stability could impact every effort to prevent the epidemic control and maintain stability.

    Notification requirements, local public security organs with the sanitation and epidemic prevention departments to maintain close contact, grasp epidemic of information, analysis judged; to strengthen prevention and control of officers patrolling crowded places, strengthen rural and urban communities, and internal units of security measures to crack down on Yao made to confuse the people, counterfeiting medicines, medical equipment, protective supplies and drive up drug prices, prices and other illegal and criminal activities;
    timely disposal to crack down on violations of health care, epidemic prevention workers to disrupt the legitimate rights and interests of hospitals, epidemic prevention agencies the normal order of law criminal activities;
    careful investigation because of the epidemic and prevention and control work to resolve the contradiction caused disputes, security risks, formulate and improve related work plans, to enhance police protection, good disposition at any time to prepare all kinds of emergencies, all out to safeguard social stability and public安全.

    The circular stresses local public security organs to fully learn "SARS" and "bird flu" the success of prevention and control experience and strengthen organization and leadership, to take effective measures in close coordination with the departments concerned, give prominence to key times in key areas (place) focus groups and key links to the epidemic prevention and control to prevent the epidemic spreading and aggregation of large-scale outbreak, to prevent the epidemic spreading to disrupt the normal social order and affecting social stability, and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of founding of new China on Safety in smoothly.