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Children's Hospital Boston will deepen cooperation with China
2014-11-26 10:44:09 | Source: Health News

  (Reporter sweet babe) by health newspaper, Sino-US cooperation in the development and pediatrics at Children's Hospital Boston, co-sponsored seminar recently held in Beijing. Speaking pediatric cooperation, vice president of Children's Hospital Boston, David Margulies, head of strategic cooperation, said China and the US can cooperate in three areas: cooperation in organized medicine (such as start-up clinics, conduct telemedicine), scientific cooperation, training and other health care workers .   "We believe that China will soon usher in the cause of children's health and the rapid development of new changes, it is hoped to make a difference in China, the expansion of international business, professional organizations pediatric provides an important opportunity, at the same time, the recent Chinese government encourages the development in the medical field Private foreign investment in terms of policy and steady growth in the future will also provide market power. "David Margulies said.   Boston Children's Hospital, China put forward the idea of building partners, aims to extend the following three areas of cooperation, including: to attract investors, to enhance the Chinese and global pediatric medical standards; attract charitable organizations and businesses together to improve the health of children in China; attract medical institutions, common pediatric help China develop.   David Margulies said the Boston Children's Hospital hopes to establish a rational structure, sustainable partnerships, including the part of the lab in Boston extended to China to help the Chinese training of relevant health care researchers, the research and development results into commercial returns can be shared .   Meanwhile, the Boston Children's Hospital will enhance the health level and quality of medical services, to build a partnership with China, which specifically includes: to enhance the training and seek the best medical practice, combined with modern Western culture and needs of the Chinese medical institutions. In between the two countries in the health institutions depth dialogue and promote bilateral exchanges in policy development, such as China's experience in terms of efficiency, the US expertise in the facility design, management and project development. Establishment of Sino-US online virtual community, regular online meetings, seminars and Think Tank Summit. Deepen cooperation between medical practitioners to promote cooperation, to carry out research and development to enhance the quality of medical care and levels of cooperation projects.   "Mutual respect and strengthen the health care system for both pediatric and development of understanding is the basis for creating the 21st century, China and the United pediatric medical cooperation projects. Sharing knowledge and best practices, establish a true partnership, will help us to develop and optimize pediatric health care system At the same time, we believe that the establishment of effective partnerships require strong leadership, a reasonable model of cooperation and innovative decision-making mechanism. "David Margulies said.   Links: 30-year history of cooperation with China   Children's Hospital Boston is the global leader in international pediatric medicine. As a pediatric teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital for 20 consecutive years by "US News & World Report" named one of America's top children's hospital; cardiology and cardiac surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, diabetes and learning in endocrinology, gastroenterology and gastrointestinal surgery, orthopedics, nephrology, cancer and blood disorders and urology department and other areas were ranked first.   In the past 30 years, the Boston Children's Hospital has been working with China to cooperate.   1983, Children's Hospital Boston team arrived in Shanghai on Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine conducted a comprehensive understanding and assessment, led to the establishment and development of the hospital's pediatric cardiac surgery. In support of the World Health Foundation, the Boston Children's Hospital, Xinhua Hospital, also helped create a first team regular interdisciplinary exchange program, a number of Boston Children's Hospital experts made ​​a great contribution to the project.   1990s, the Boston Children's Hospital became member of the Executive Committee of Shanghai Children's Medical Center design (SCMC), contributed to the construction of SCMC Heart Center and cardiovascular project-specific building. Shanghai Children's Medical Center is located in Pudong, and put into use in 1998, now has the world's largest children's cardiovascular program, completed more than 3500 cases of cardiac surgery each year. The center is still important medical teaching base in Asia, through decades of cooperation, from Shanghai has more than 200 doctors, nurses involved in the education and training activities. Currently, the Boston Children's Hospital and the Hospital of Fudan University also established a partnership to promote the hospital waiting for genomics and the development of expertise in the field of plastic surgery, international cooperation.   Children's Hospital Boston team also helped Guangdong Province, Guangdong Provincial Health MCH and Family Planning Commission to develop a professional children's hospital, advanced diagnostic instruments used in the practice of genetic medicine and children in genomics.   Reporters learned that, in the long-term cooperation, the Boston Children's Hospital and its Chinese partner institutions growing stronger and has made ​​many doctors and nurses benefit, for example, the establishment of an open system of pediatric research and professional training, online training international medical staff.


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