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Beijing Municipality Health Department organized an infectious disease emergency drill (July 4 2013)

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  • Beijing Municipality Health Department organized an infectious disease emergency drill (July 4 2013)

    [Source: Beijing Municipality Health Department, full page in Chinese: (LINK). Automatic translation.]
    Beijing Municipality Health Department organized an infectious disease emergency drill

    Municipal Health Bureau organized health oversight agencies to carry out emergency drills infectious disease prevention supervision

    Time :2013 -07-04 Source: Emergency Management Office of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau

    In order to improve the city's health oversight agencies in the infectious diseases of public health emergencies in the supervision and law enforcement, and enhance awareness of prevention and response capabilities, standardized procedures for the disposal site supervision, July 3, relying City Municipal Health Bureau Health Authority organized a The city health oversight agencies monitor infectious disease prevention drills.

    16 county Health Department Health Authority more than 130 people took part in the drills, the Municipal Health Bureau deputy inspector Zhao Tao, Huang Director of Emergency Office, City Health Authority director Ya Jing, Liu Jinsong, deputy director of the county Health Department and the Health Authority competent director were present.

    Sub-field drills and exercises tabletop exercise in two parts. The county Health Department Health Authority after receiving the notice according arrived drill site. City Health Authority inspectors of the exercise was carried out on-site inspections, participating staff dress neatly norms, protective equipment and law enforcement instruments to carry complete compliance with health supervision and law enforcement requirements. The county health inspectors on-site simulation into the epidemic site (contaminated area), followed by infectious disease control measures for monitoring personal protective (removable protective equipment) operating skills show.

    After the show, from Ditan Hospital experts to conduct on-site reviews, explain the infectious disease isolation protection requirements, standards, protection, and enhance protective measures, and a live demonstration of standard specification gowns, protective clothing to wear off procedures.

    Ya Jing, director of drill commander had commented on field exercises, requiring the county health oversight agencies in the exercise on the basis of their achievement, control walkthrough deficiencies timely summary. Zhao Tao, deputy inspector in the exercise after the end of his speech, are faced with the constant challenge of emerging infectious diseases, health supervision team to strengthen health emergency institutionalization, standardization, standardization of construction, to the exercise as an opportunity to sum up experience, strengthen combat awareness, strengthen job training, and effectively improve the level of health supervision and law enforcement and operational skills, and establish health surveillance team a good social image, Capital Health Authority to promote the sustained and healthy development.

    The exercise training the team, examined the health inspection agencies at all levels to deal with unexpected incidents of infectious diseases prevention awareness and response capabilities, to achieve the desired objectives.